Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College

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Mumbai 400 012. India.
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Specific information for patients visiting this department

Specific information for patients visiting this department


Most patients we examine are those that are being treated at the K.E.M. hospital

or at other hospitals run by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation or other state run

hospitals. The cost of radiological examinations for these patients is as follows:

Plain films Rs. 30 per film

Barium and IVP Rs. 200

Angiograms cost Rs.2500 – Rs.5000

CT scans(plain and or contrast) Rs.1200

MRI scans are Rs. 2500 (plain and or contrast)

Ultrasonograms at Rs.100 and Color Doppler studies at Rs. 500

In case of emergent or poor patients, these charges are waived.

However, patients who are referred to this department from private practitioners

or hospitals for specialised tests or treatment procedures will be entertained by

our department on a case to case basis depending upon the medical needs.

These patients are charged for these diagnostic or therapeutic procedures – the

charges being variable depending upon the consumables used. For details please

contact the department office on 02224107536

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