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10th February 2016:Orientation Workshop for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy students in Bioethics


  • The introductory workshopfor first year Physiotherapy and occupational therapy studentswas held on Wednesday 10th February 2016 in Jivraj Mehta Lecture Theatre (M.L.T.). The workshop was attended by 70 students .
  • Dr KarunaNadkarni,Dr Jaya Kale and Dr Jyotsna Thosar introduced the session and its importance.
  • Dr PadmajaMarathe introduced  GMU bioethics unit  its objectives and activities
  • Dr NayanaIngolecovered Introduction to bioethics principles through the medium of movie clips which followed by interactive discussion. Principles of bioethics such as Beneficence, Non maleficence, Autonomy, Justice, Dignity, Confidentiality, Fidelity and Veracity were covered with relevant examples and interactions. Students as well as faculty and other members of the committee pointed out key issues and their perspective on each.  It was summarized and concluded with two case vignettes related to the field of rehabilitation and asked the students asked to identify the ethical principle .
  • Dr PadmajaSamant spoke on Cultural diversities and its importance in health care.She emphasized  the need for a health care provider to understand the cultural diversities in order to provide the best culturally acceptable  care to the patient. Concepts of cultural competences, cultural incapacities, cultural destructiveness and cultural blindness were explained.Dr.Samant also mentioned about the LEARN Model by Berlin and Fowkes.
  • Dr MariyaJiandani took an interactive session on Communication skills and Professionalism using  role plays and movie clips in regional language followed by discussion. She emphasized the relevance of communication skills for Rapport building with the patients  , counselling and treatment. The importance of effective  communication with our peers and colleagues  during day to day living was also emphasized.Verbal ,Non-verbal communication and empathy were discussed using interactive methods.  It was emphasized  that touch is a major tool of communication and as a rehabilitation team worker we are blessed with the opportunity to spend maximum time with the patients, hence using this we can really work well and heal the patient.
  • The session concluded with the attributes of a professional as One who follows ethical practices, has effective communication skills, respects time, who is responsible and accountable not just to one self but also to the society and has the knowledge, skill and competence to practice.
  • Vote of thanks was proposed by KarunaNadkarni.


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