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14th Dec 2015 :Orientation workshop for the nursing students


  • Orientation workshop for nursing studentson Monday, 14th December 2015. Total of 250 nursing students and 16 nursingfaculty participated in this workshop conducted in the Main Lecture Theatre, Seth GSMC & KEM.
  • AvinashSupe, Dean and Chairman of the Bioethics Unit addressed the gathering.
  • PadamajaMarathe welcomed all the participants and gave a brief outline about the Bioethics unit and the workshop. She informed everyone about the objectives of the unit.
  • PurvaKhandare, Principal, School of Nursing highlighted the importance of Bioethics in nursing and how it directly affects patient care.
  • Swarupa Bhagwat introduced the concept of bioethics, their principles and applications. She especially highlighted the need for the same in the light of emerging technologies and abuse in research. Principles of bioethics such as Beneficence, Non maleficence, Autonomy, Justice, Dignity, Confidentiality, Fidelity and Veracity were covered with relevant examples and interactions. She made effective use of drawings to drive home the message.
  • Mrs MeenaSonavane covered Professional nursing code of ethics and Implications in nursing. In the same, she defined ethics, highlighted values on which medical ethics is based on, described code of ethics and its purpose, four fold responsibilities of nurses and ethical dilemnas.
  • PadamajaSamant talked about responsibility of nurses and their role in protecting patients’ and participants’ interests in clinical and research scenario. With the help of clips from widely acclaimed film- Ms Evers’ Boys; she stressed on the importance of nursing advocacy and accountability especially with regards to vulnerable patients.She highlighted principles of justice, beneficence and non maleficence. Care with Dignity in elderly and diasbled and cultural competencies with the help of short video clips. She highlighted the importance of avoiding racial discrimination while practicing. Also, The need for respect, confidentiality and professional approach in the line of duty was discussed.
  • Santosh Salagare took an interactive session on communication skills using various teaching learning methods. Principles, types and barriers of communication were covered with relevant examples and exercises. He also highlighted the impact of tone of voice, vocal fillers and non verbal communication such as appearance, movement, postures and gestures.
  • Fourth year nursing student Ms. Shinde expressed the participants feedback in the form of a poem.
  • NayanaIngole proposed the vote of thanks.

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