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29th Feb 2016:Orientation of interns to principles of bioethics


  • Interns orientation workshop was held on 29th Feb 2016 by bioethics unit members. It was attended by  170 Interns 2016 batch.
  • Dr NayanaIngole covered the principles of bioethics using movies followed by an interactive discussion. An approach to decision making during ethical dilemmas were dealt with using case scenarios. Dr salagre,DrPadmajaMarathe ,Dr YuvrajChavan and other GMU bioethics members facilitated the session. Principles of bioethics such as Beneficence, Non maleficence, Autonomy, Justice, Dignity, Confidentiality, Fidelity and Veracity were covered with relevant examples and interactions.Real life case scenarios were discussed to highlight the ethical dilemmas. Legal aspects relevant to the case scenarios were also explained and emphasized.

Importance of effective communication verbal and non verbal was emphasized by Dr Mridula Solanki.


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