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2nd March 2016:  Module 2  bioethics curriculum for first MBBS students:


  • Module 2 of bioethics curriculum for First MBBS students was held on 2ndMarch 2016 in lecture theatre 5 . It was attended by 146
  • PadmajaMarathe, spoke about the GSMC MUHS Bioethics Unit. She recapitulated the 1st contact session held on 02/10/2015 and told the students about the various events organized by the Unit so far


  • Dr PadmajaSamant Covered the principles of Autonomy and Dignity with an interactive discussion using case scenarios.She touched upon importance of protecting autonomy and human rights. She discussed Obstretics and Gynaecology discipline related real life cases – as case of unmarried primi brought for MTP by her aunty, single mother with pregnant daughter and hysterectomy in a mentally challenged girl child. She spoke about ‘Assessment of Capacity’. She introduced the term ‘Medical Parentalism’ when doctors try to dictate the decisions on patients and override auotnomy.
  • Dr Anjalicovered Informed consent  and Assent using movie clips followed by discussion.She initiated the session by presenting the learning objectives. She discussed about the Indications for taking written consent. She showed a video clip depicting violations of informed consent process in a setting of a clinical research study. The students identified issues like no autonomy was ensured, researchers having less concern for patients and more for research, coercion to participate, loss of confidentiality. Dr. Anjali also discussed assent and proxy decision making.
  • Dr PadmajaMarathe covered the principle of Justice with the help of interactive discussion using movie clips.. A short video clip was shown highlighting unequal distribution of health care services. Scenario of 2 serious patients and 1 ventilator in the ICU was discussed to indicate the ethical dilemma faced in Clinical practice. The concept of justice incorporating equality and equity was explained with examples. A real life case of a patient with CRF requiring maintenance dialysis who was refused by public hospital as per the set policy was discussed to show how principle of justice may be at stake and how to deal with it.


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