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Donation of body for teaching and research

The Department of Anatomy, Seth G S Medical College has started the process of body donation since 2005. General information about body is given below for your perusal.

Please note that the timings for registration and all official procedures is during the office hours i.e.10 A.M to 4 P.M. only.

To know the Details of the procedure please download the following forms


Body Donation Office, Department of Anatomy- 022-24107605

Dr. Y. J. Bhosale Professor (Additional), Dept. of Anatomy. 9322111713
Dr Harish Gaikwad Associate Professor, Dept. of Anatomy 9833085962
Dr Abhijeet Dhende Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy. 022-24107447
Shri Pramod Ghodvinde Body Donation Office, Department of Anatomy 022-24107605

Body Donation Committee-

Dr. P. S. Bhuiyan Professor & Head, Dept. of Anatomy. 022-24107606
Dr. M. Natarajan Professor, Dept. of Anatomy 022-24107604
Dr Rashmi Patil Associate Professor, Dept. of Anatomy 022-24107025


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