Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College

Acharya Donde Marg, Parel,
Mumbai 400 012. India.
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Emergency Services

The Emergency Ward (Previously Ward No 20, now # 021 – emergency room) has 10 beds and is located on the ground floor next to casualty. This is staffed by lecturers and resident doctors round the clock. Patients requiring urgent attention are first seen by the casualty officer and then referred to the emergency ward. Here, they are evaluated by the doctor on duty and a decision is made regarding admission to the various wards like general ward, Medical ICU, ICCU etc. Specialist opinion may also be obtained prior to admission. Emergency cases – the very seriously ill, are initially admitted to this ward and stabilized before being shifted to other areas of the hospital.
The emergency services are managed by the 6 medical units as follows :

Day Unit Head Other Consultants
Monday Dr. L S Bichile Dr. A.Sonawale, Dr. V.Chewoolkar
Tuesday Dr. M.Y.Nadkar Dr. R Singh
Wednesday Dr. T P Medhekar Dr. S Salagare, Dr. K.Borole
Thursday Dr. A R Pazare Dr. R.N.Sahay, Dr. S.Bajpai
Friday Dr. D R Karnad Dr. V M Kothari, Dr.R.V.Sonawane
Saturday Dr. S S Mehta Dr. A.G.Rajadhyaksha, Dr. D.Atre Singh
Sunday One of the above 6 units – each unit gets a turn once in 6 weeks
Each unit manages emergency ward from 8.00am to 8.00am the next day.

Average work load :

Approximately 400-600 patients are referred here every day and 80-100 patients require admission to the emergency ward. In the year 2005-2006 more than one lac patients were referred to the Emergency room for treatment and more than 2000 patients were admitted in the emergency ward.

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