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For Student

Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik

  1. Bachelors of PhysiotherapyTherapy: BPTh (4 & ½ years) including 6 months of Internship
  2. Masters of Physiotherapy Therapy: MPTh (3 years) with specializations in:

a. Master of Physiotherapy Therapy in Musculoskeletal Sciences.

b. Master of Physiotherapy Therapy in Cardio-Vascular & Respiratory Sciences.

c. Master of PhysiotherapyTherapy in Neurosciences.

  1. Externship for B P Th Graduate students from other colleges of Maharashtra affiliated to MUHS.
  2. Observership in the fields of Interests for Qualified (Graduates or Post Graduates)
  3. Various short term courses, seminars and workshops are conducted by our faculty members every year.

Patient Awareness Camps are conducted for community integration in the institute and in the community.


List of postgraduate students dissertations

Speciality: Neurosciences Year Title of the project Guide Student Status
1 2012-2015 Correlation of timed up and go test and functional reach test with berg balance scale in healthy geriatric population Ms Saraswati Iyer Disha Goradia Completed
2 2012-2015 Assessment of Healthy Urban Individuals of 60-70 years on the Timed up and go test Mrs Archana Gore Shailee Shah Completed
3 2012-2015 Effect of mental activities on physical performance in elderly Mrs Lakshmiprabha Rangarajan Krupa Ovalekar Completed
4 2012-2015 Effect of dual task on timed up and go test in elderly Ms Sarawati Iyer Renuka Murkute Completed
5 2012-2015 Comparative Study of Stops Walking when Talking test with Functional Reach test as a measure to predict risk of fall in elderly Mrs Archana Gore Mrinal Gadhade Completed
6 2012-2015 Correlation of figure of 8 walk test with timed up and go test and modified gait efficacy scale in elderly individuals Mrs Lakshmiprabha Rangarajan Nishigandha Nale Completed
7 2013-2016 Relationship between fear of falling and

balance and functional mobility in elderly

Ms Saraswati Iyer Sweedle Lopes Completed
8 2013-2016  Effect of Functional Strength Training versus Conventional Training on Balance in Individuals with Stroke Mrs Archana Gore Bhakti Baokar Completed
10 2013-2016 Correlation of functional reach test with body mass index in elderly Ms Saraswati Iyer Amit Matre Completed
11 2013-2016 Correlation between sensory threshold and manual dexterity in neurologically asymptomatic type-2 diabetic patients: A pilot study 5.


Mrs Archana Gore Babita Burange Completed
13 2014-2017  Correlation of cognition and dual task in elderly Ms Saraswati Iyer Poonam Shah Ongoing
14 2014-2017 Impact of Exercise related Parent Education on stress in parents of children with Cerebral Palsy Mrs Archana Gore Anchal Jain Ongoing
15 2014-2017  Effect of mirror therapy on lower limb function in subjects with stroke Mrs Lakshmiprabha Rangarajan Farhat Haindade Ongoing
16 2014-2017  Correlation of cognition and balance in elderly Ms Saraswati Iyer Pradnya Waghmare Ongoing
17 2014-2017 Effect of progressive muscle relaxation on stress in parents of children with cerebral palsy Mrs Archana Gore Smita Pakhale Ongoing
18 2014-2017 Correlation of Addenbrookes cognitive examination III and MiniBEST test in subjects with Parkinson’s disease Mrs Lakshmiprabha Rangarajan Saurabhi Waghmare Ongoing
19 2015-2018  Effect of quadriceps muscle fatigue on single leg stance Ms Saraswati Iyer Manali Khare Awaiting approval
20 2015-2018 Effect of bronchial hygiene related parental education on stress in parents of children with cerebral palsy Mrs Archana Gore Chintan Mehta Awaiting approval
22 2015-2018 Effect of gripping a cane on functional reach test in elderly Ms Saraswati Iyer Ashwini Bangar Awaiting approval
23 2015-2018 Additive effect of soft cervical collar with physical therapy on head control in children with cerebral palsy Mrs Archana Gore Snehal Shirsath Awaiting approval
24 2015-2018 Effect of random , blocked and mixed practice order in subjects with parkinson’s disease Mrs Lakshmiprabha Rangarajan Sneha Kini Awaiting approval


Speciality : Musculoskeletal Sciences


Sr. No. Batch Year Title Student Guide Status
1. 2012 Study of chronological variation of carrying angle and its relation to grip strength in healthy individuals Prachita


Mrs. ChhayaVerma Completed
2. 2012 The effect of height, weight and length of forearm on carrying angle and hand functions in dominant hand of healthy individuals MinakshiKoli Mrs. ChhayaVerma Completed
3. 2012 Identifying psychosocial factors affecting patients with chronic low back pain Darshi


Mrs. BhavanaMhatre Completed
4. 2012 Effect of structured patient education in patients with chronic low back pain with fear avoidance beliefs-pilot study TanviPatole Mrs. BhavanaMhatre Completed
5. 2012 Effect of foot posture on static postural control in healthy young adults Mansi Vaidya Mrs. Jyotsna Thosar Completed
6. 2012 Effect of BMI,WHR(Central obesity) and Core muscle activation on pelvic inclination angle and lumbosacral angle in healthy young adult females MinakshiKorvi Mrs. Jyotsna Thosar Completed
7. 2013 Relationship of fear, anxiety and depression with physical function in patients with knee osteoarthritis Ajinkya P Pradhan Mrs. ChhayaVerma Completed
8. 2013 Study of relationship of disease Ability and Function with Hip Involvement in Ankylosing Spondylitis Gauri K Khedekar Mrs. ChhayaVerma Completed
9. 2013 The effect of Cryotherapy on Proprioception, Agility and Balance in patients with Osteoarthritis of Knee joint Ankita SSingh Mrs. BhavanaMhatre Completed
10. 2013 Effect of Electrical Muscle Stimulation on swelling and proprioception in patients with knee Osteoarthritis KavitaLahoriya Mrs. BhavanaMhatre Completed
11. 2013 Effect of Arch Index of foot on dynamic balance and gait speed in healthy young individuals Poonam K Kulkarni Mrs. Jyotsna Thosar Completed
12. 2013 Immediate effect of superficial heat v/s cold on joint position sense at wrist joint, sensory threshold and hand function in normal healthy individuals Harshada LLohare Mrs. Jyotsna Thosar Completed
13. 2014 A cross-sectional study about the relationship of Anxiety and Depression with Health status in patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis Kinjal Muni Mrs. ChhayaVerma Ongoing
14. 2014 A cross-sectional study about the relationship of sleep disturbances with Health status in Ankylosing Spondylitis Tanmai


Mrs. ChhayaVerma Ongoing
15. 2014 Correlation between proprioception and functional performance in patients with Osteoarthritis of knee Rasika Shah Mrs. BhavanaMhatre Ongoing
16. 2014 Correlation of Rectus Femoris muscle extensibility and Gluteus Maximus strength in patients with knee osteoarthritis BhagyashriShimpi Mrs. BhavanaMhatre Ongoing
17. 2014 Effect of open and closed kinematic chain exercise on knee performance in obese women- a pilot study SnehaRathi Mrs. Jyotsna Thosar Ongoing
18. 2014 Association of head posture in sagittal plane and scapula position TapasyaShivgan Mrs. Jyotsna Thosar Ongoing
19. 2014 Effect of Scalene muscle Myofascial Release on Upper Limb Neurodynamics in patients with Neck pain Neha Varghese Ms. DiptiGeete Ongoing
20. 2014 Association of static foot posture and dynamic balance in knee osteoarthritis BhagyashrreeKamble Ms. DiptiGeete Ongoing
21. 2015 Study of relationship between measures associated with risk of fall in patients with distal end radius fractures-A pilot study MamataRevankar Mrs. ChhayaVerma For Ethics Approval
22. 2015 Psychometric Testing of Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test in Elderly PrajaktaKarande Mrs. ChhayaVerma For Ethics Approval
23. 2015 Assessment of Balance and lower extremity function in obese individuals having knee Osteoarthritis Priyanka Sangtani Mrs. BhavanaMhatre For Ethics Approval
24. 2015 Assessment of Chair Rise Strategy and Chair Rise Time in symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis Patients Neha Khavanekar Mrs. BhavanaMhatre For Ethics Approval
25. 2015 Assessment of foot posture,body mass index,dorsiflexion range of motion and functional ankle instability in young adults with lateral ankle sprain DarpanaWaradkar Mrs. Jyotsna Thosar For Ethics Approval
26. 2015 Comparison of Kyphotic index, Rounded Shoulder Posture and Median Neurodynamics in individual with and without forward head posture Amruta Dhole Mrs. Jyotsna Thosar For Ethics Approval
27. 2015 Hand laterality recognition in distal end radius and/or ulna fracture Pratha Mehta Ms. DiptiGeete For Ethics Approval
28. 2015 Effect of Myofascial Release of Sub-occipital muscles on Slump test in patients with Neck pain with Forward Head Posture ChetaliKhadye Ms. DiptiGeete For Ethics Approval


Speciality cardioVascular &respiratory Sciences

Batch Completed Project Student Name Guide Name
2012 Correlation of waist circumference and pulmonary function in subjects with normal and high grades of body mass index. Nayana  Lad A Mehta
2012 Effect of breathing exercise on cardiovascular control in hypertensive patients. Supriya Nakhate A Mehta
2013 Caloric expenditure of walking with abdominal weight belt in obese women Titiksha Pol A Mehta
2013 Correlation of cardio-respiratory fitness to task performance capacity in obese women Apurva Atkar A Mehta
2012 Correlation of Conicity index and Body mass index with Blood Pressure in Indian adults. Subodhini Mali J.Shetye
2012 Comparison of peripheral Arterial Blood Pressure in individuals with and without Forward head Posture. Dipti Kadu J.Shetye
2013 Comparison of Ankle Brachial Index in subjects with and without Coronary Artery Disease. Mala  Dave J.Shetye
2013 Comparison of Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) in diabetic and non-diabetic subjects. Namrata Meshram J.Shetye
2012 Effect of dual stress on Blood pressure in Hypertensives Namrata Navge M P Jiandani
2012 Cardiovascular response to body position with and without Valsalva in healthy individuals. Priyanka Bhagat M P Jiandani
2013 Corelation of ABI with cardiovascular risk factors in Diabetes Sejal Bheda M P Jiandani
2013 Shoulder dysfunction in patients with Cardiac device implantation Garima Yadav M P Jiandani
Ongoing Projects Awaiting MUHS Approval Students Name Guide Name
2014 Effect of exercise training on exercise capacity and health status of patients with chronic respiratory disease. Shweta Ghaisas A mehta
2014 Effect of control breathing technique on anxiety and depression in patients with Chronic respiratory diseases. Vaishnavi Yadav A Mehta
2014 Haemodynamic response to sustained isometric handgrip in subjects with alcoholic dependance. Anjali Lokhande J.Shetye
2014 Effect of Pulmonary Rehabilitation on autonomic nervous system in COPD patients. Sumaiya Khan J.Shetye
2014 Thoracic Mobility & Pulmonary Function in patietns with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Vibhavari Koli M P Jiandani
2014 Correlation of Peak Cough Flow rate with PEFR & Percieved effort of cough in patients with Chronic Respiratory disease. Nivedita Shahane M P Jiandani
2015 Effect of different sitting positions on Peak expiratory flow rate in patients with COPD. Hiranmayee Bagwe A Mehta
2015 Effect of stretching Pectoralis major using PNF technique on chest expansion and Peak expiratory flow rate in patients with COPD Shalaka Patel A Mehta
2015 Blood pressure response to isometric hanndgrip test in controlled hypertensives. Trupti Baliga J.Shetye
2015 Correlation of body composition with blood pressure in adults. Rashmi Bobade J.Shetye
2015 Quality of life in children following cardiac surgery Neha Pilankar M P Jiandani
2015 Corelation of sleep quality with cognition, Exercise capacity and Fatique in Patients with Chronic Respiratory disease. Anuja Deshpande M P Jiandani


Ph.D Guide & Scholars

Amita Mehta: Study of outcome measures to assess functions in elderly (R.Lakshmiprabha)

 Saraswati Iyer: Effect of massage and exercises on problems in sleep quality in children with CP (Archana Gore)

 Chhaya Verma: Psychometric testing of clinical tool for quantitative gait analysis (CTQGA); for the academic year 2014 onwards at MUHS, Nashik. (Gajanan Bhalerao) Asso. Prof., Sancheti College of Physiotherapy, Pune.

 Bhavana Mhatre: Association of Body Mass Index & Bone Mineral Density with performance based measures of balance and mobility in Indian women. (Sarla Khangare)

 Jaimala Shetye : Comparison between effect of equal intensity training with Suryanamaskar or physical education activity or combination of both on physical fitness in adolescent urban school children – A randomized control trial (Apurv Shimpi)

 Mariya Jiandani: Effectiveness of school based intervention on physical fitness in obese children (Sanket Nagarale)

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