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Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Background History


The Forensic medicine and toxicology department has been in existence since the very inception of this college. The subject initially in the name of ‘MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE’ was initiated at this college for training students of II MBBS.

Initially, not much stress was laid on this subject. As time progressed, the subject gradually expanded its horizon and activities within the department increased to encompass medicolegal autopsy work and clinical forensic medicine, among others. The department has, uptill date, been graced by the who’s who of this fraternity as its faculty including Dr. A.K.Turner, Dr. J.P.Modi (Father of Forensic Medicine), Dr. C.K.Parikh and Dr. C.A. Franklin.
In August 1970 Dr. Tembe (Pathologist) was appointed full time lecturer and promoted in 1975 as an Associate Professor and Head of the Dept. After his retirement in 1986, Dr. C.A.Franklin, retired Head of the Dept. of Forensic Medicine at Grant Medical College & Police Surgeon of Mumbai chaired the department on a contract basis. Special mention must be made of Professor Tembe for his determination and hard work to be promoted from his first employment as a laboratory attendant in this institute to the post of Assoc. Prof, Head of Dept of Forensic Medicine and the first Vice Principal of Krishna Medical College, Karad.

This department made its humble beginning by occupying a part of the corridor on the 1st floor of the college that connects to the library building. Today, the department occupies a sizable part of the 3rd floor of the Library Building and also some part of the 2nd floor of the same building. The expansion of the department gathered pace under the guidance of Dr. (Mrs) PM Pai, Ex – Dean who saw to it that the department was allotted enough space even for a museum, demonstration halls and a well equipped laboratory.

On April 15th 1995, Dr. Rajeev Sahankarrao Chaudhari was selected & appointed by the MPSC as full time qualified [MD (Forensic Medicine& Toxicology) & DFM] Professor in the Forensic medicine & Toxicology Department. He took over as a Head of the Department with Dr Walter Vaz as Lecturer. Dr Vaz took assumed charge of the department as Professor and Head on May 2006 till his resignation on May 2012. Professor Dr Harish M. Pathak took over as Professor and Head in June, 2012 and has been in charge since then

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Teaching Staff



MOBILE & Intercom No.


E-mail Id

1. Dr. Harish Manilal Pathak Professor & Head 9869622007


2. Dr. Rajesh Chandrakant Dere   Professor 9769616777




3. Dr. Ravindra Baliram Deokar Associate Professor 9869741117


4. Dr.  Sachin Sudarshan Patil Assistant Professor 9757179483


5. Dr.Girish vijay Tasgaonkar Assistant Professor 7303889333 drgirish.tasgaonkar7

6. Dr.Mahendra Namdeo Wankhede Assistant Professor 9322650861 mahendranwankhede
7. Dr.Vikas Premlal Meshram Assistant Professor 8888856992 drvpm26
8. Dr.Manoj Bhausaheb Parchake Assistant Professor 9552171986 manoj.parchake
9. Dr.Harshwardhan Khartade Assistant Professor 9970858633 harshwardhankhartade
10. Dr. Dhirendra Balsara Lecturer (NQ) 9820573298 dhirendra




1. Dr.Sunil Vidhate Resident

III Year

2. Dr.Shahank Tyagi Resident

III Year

3. Dr.Ravikumar Kamble Resident

II Year

4. Dr.Abhijeet Hosmani Resident

II Year

5. Dr.Vikrant Waghmare Resident

I Year

6. Dr.Nagnath Dharmadhikari Resident

I Year

7. Dr.Hemlata Panday Registrar 8879066856
8. Dr. Ravi Mulgund HO 9869233842

Non Teaching Medical Staff

1 Kum.Khambekar Ashwini R. CLERK 7738857505


2 Mr. Shaikh  Mohd. Irfan Nazir RECORD ASSISTANT 9987021592


3 Mr. Sawale Dadesh M LAB TECHNICIAN 9892073005


4 Mrs. Korgaonkar Smita N LAB TECHNICIAN 9221976754


5 Mr. Rathod Ulhas M LAB ATTENDANT 9021733825
6 Mr. Kanade Vaibhav W SERVENT 7303339924
7 Mr. Ravi Bagkar SWEEPER



Facilities, Equipments & Special services


For Student

A. Undergraduate teaching :

I. II MBBS Students – About 200 students per batch
II. Lectures: in Forensic Pathology, Clinical Forensic Medicine & Forensic Toxicology – lectures per week for lst and 2nd term students.
III. Practical: – in Forensic Pathology, Clinical Forensic Medicine & Forensic Toxicology – 3 days in a week. Revision lectures and practical for 3rd term students.
IV. Autopsy Demonstration
V. Court procedures: for interested students along with teachers.
VI. Medicolegal Consultancy: to medical practitioners, lawyers and public as and when needed.

B. Post graduate teaching

M.D.forensic medicine:
The post graduate teaching and training programme for students from J.J and Nair hospitals, consists of Autopsy techniques, recent advances in Forensic medicine and toxicology, medicolegal case discussions and journal clubs.

C. Others:

I. The department has collaborations with Sports Authority of India (SAI) and various other regional and state level sporting bodies to establish age of sporting personnel.
II. The department collaborates with corporate houses like Reliance India Ltd (RIL) etc to establish age of their employees.
III. The department collaborates with several NGOs to examine sexual crimes taking place in orphanages, dormitories etc.

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Research Projects:

The department has been awarded a project by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to identify 50 most accident prone areas in Mumbai and to work out methods to reduce accidents in these areas.

CME Programmes/ Conferences/ Activities:

I. The department organised a two – day state – level workshop on 31st March – 1st April 2012 titled ‘Comprehensive Healthcare Response to Survivors of Sexual Assault’ in collaboration with CEHAT [Centre for Enquiry into Health & Allied Themes]
II. The department organised a one – day state – level CME on 15th April, 2012 titled ‘Violence against Women and Role of Health Care Providers’.


I. This department was recognized for U.G teaching by MCI in 1998.
II. Departmental curriculum has been further expanded to include didactic lectures, practical demonstration and live demonstration of firearm ammunitions and venomous animals at Haffkines Institute
III. Renovation of post mortem room and cold storage cabinets was done as per the norms and the directives of the High Court.
IV. Computerization of department with modern electronic equipments.


• 2nd floor, Library Building, Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Parel.

Contact Detail

• Tel: (022) 2410 7073/7610/7644
• Fax:
• email ID:

News & Updates

Future Plans

With the active cooperation of our respected Dean & with inter departmental coordination this department proposes

  1. To establish an unnatural disaster management unit.
  2. To establish poison information center.
  3. Toxicology laboratory for rapid identification of common poisons.
  4. Death and dead information center.
  5. Sexual offence counseling center with the help of NGO.
  6. Forensic photography center.
  7. To establish medicolegal institute.

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