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Nurturing Ethical values…..

                                              Enriching Medical Education.



“Establishing highest level of ethical and professional standards in health professionals education,practice and research.”


“To inculcate the basic ethical,professional and humanitarian values in medical students right from the first day of training in order to make them not only expert clinicians but also compassionate human beings.”


Dr. Salagre Poster

Background History:

The ’GSMC-MUHS UNESCO Bioethics Unit’ was formed in the month of August 2015. The solemnisation of the Unit under the MCGM Nodal Bioethics Unit and affiliation with UNESCO, Chair in Bioethics Haifa Australia was on 9th November 2015. The MCGM nodal unit was established at an event held in Topiwala National Medical College auditorium.

Mr Sanjay Deshmukh, Hon.  Addl. Municipal Commissioner and Dr SuhasiniNagda , Director (ME& MH) were handed over the UNESCO Charter and writ for the establishment of the MCGM MUHS UNESCO Nodal Centre for Medical and Dental institutions by Professor Russell D’Souza Head, Asia Pacific Bioethics Program of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, Haifa.Dr AvinashSupe , Dean Seth G S Medical College received the writ for GSMC MUHS UNESCO Bioethics Unit.

The inauguration event was attended by Dr.ArunJamkar Hon Vice Chancellor MUHS, Dr.ShekharRajderkar, Pro Vice Chancellor  MUHS, Dr Susan Vize Regional  UNESCO Advisor, Bangkok. Deans of MCGM run Medical colleges: Dr AvinashSupe, Dr Ramesh Bharmal, Dr Suleman Merchant and Dr. Ramesh Chaturvedi graced the programme with their presence.

The  First students wing was formed from winners of the essay competition in bioethics (14th October 2015) .

The Formal Students wing was formed on 21st January 2016 – “Formation day of student wings”

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The objective of Bioethics Unit is to integrate the MUHS approved UNESCO Bioethics curriculum in the undergraduate and postgraduate students education and to train the faculty in effective implementation of the same.

  1. To introduce and deliver bioethics and professionalism training in undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum.
  2. To prepare an updated and modern curriculum, reflecting the need for integration of ethics during the training period and for its effective implementation in clinical practice.
  3. To increase interest and respect to values involved in health care delivery and raising awareness for competing interests. To introduce various non-medical facets of medicine: sociology, economics, and public administration to students.
  4. To add new chapters to present curriculum that will relate to new dilemmas, accommodating medical, technological and scientific progress.
  5. To create training programs for teachers and instructors of ethics in medical institution.

To initiate, collaborate, facilitate and participate research related to bioethics


Dr. Santosh Salagre, Dr, PadmajaMarathe and Dr. Anjali Telang  have received formal training on bioethics at MUHS in the form of the 3T (Train-Teach-Transfer) training workshop organised  in May 2015. Dr.Salagre&Dr.Marathe additionally received ETTC (Ethics Teachers Training Course) in November 2015 at MUHS.



Steering Commitee of GSMC-MUHS UNESCO Bioethics Unit – (GMUBioethics Unit)

Dr. Avinash Supe Chairman Dean & Director (ME &MH)
Dr. Santosh Salagre Head of Unit Medicine
Dr. Padmaja Marathe Head of Steering Committee Pharmacology
Dr. Nayana Ingole Secretary Microbiology
Dr. Anjali Telang Member Anatomy
Dr. Kinjalika Ghosh Member Biochemistry
Dr. Yuvaraj Chavan Member Community Medicine
Mrs. Pradnya Nachankar Member Nursing
Dr. Padmaja Mavani Member Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Karuna Nadkarni Member Occupational Therapy
Dr. Kanchan Kothari Member Pathology
Dr. Sachin Patil Member Forensic Medicine
Dr. Venkatesh Rathod Member Physiology
Dr. Mariya Jiandani Member Physiotherapy
Dr. Monty Khajanchi Member Surgery
Dr. Swarupa Bhagwat Member  Transfusion Medicine

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Members of Students Wing:

  1. Priyashree Desai  
  2. Vaishnavi R Maske
  3. Devashree P Sane
  4. Vishal M Parekar
  5. Tanisha P Apte
  6. Ekta N Patil
  7. Rucha R Gadgil
  8. Sayali N Kalzunkar
  9. Prajakta S Kulkarni
  10. Radhika D Rane
  11. Sneha S Ghogale
  12. Sneha E Pair
  13. Namrata A Gawade


Facilities & Services:

  • Resource Library  to teach and explore bioethics  in health care services.
  • Training workshops in bioethics for teachers  and  students of health profession  education
  • Communication skills Workshops

Future Plans:

  • Faculty training through Teach, Train and Transfer (3T)
  • Ethics Teachers Training Programme
  • Horizontal and vertical integration of bioethics education in the curriculum
  • Strengthening of activities of the Unit through Student’s Wing- A skit/ drama on Bioethics by students, movie discussions
  • Bioethics grand rounds with Medicine , Pediatrics and Obstetrics &Gynecology PG students and faculty
  • Research projects on Bioethics – Members and Students
  • Bioethics conferences and national and international programmes of students wings
  • Preparing Modules for Postgraduate Students.
  • Create a Resource bank.
  • “Writing, Reading and Listening Workshop” to enhance these skills in students to make them more empathetic towards patients .

News & Updates :

  1. Poster competition on Human Dignity and Human Rights.
  2. Debate competition on Bioethical issues
  3. Guest lecture on ‘Doctors without Borders’.(MSF)

Dr. Salagre Poster

Dr. Salagre Poster

Dr. Salagre Poster

For Patients:

For Students:

Opportunities to conduct events under Students  wing

Research Projects:

The GSMC bioethics unit looks forward to undertaking research projects for students and faculty

Students Wing:

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All  Alumini, faculty and students  are welcome to offer suggestions ,resources and feedback.

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