Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College

Acharya Donde Marg, Parel,
Mumbai 400 012. India.
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Inpatient Services

Patients requiring hospital admission are admitted either from the Out Patient Clinic, or from the emergency room. Patients admitted from the OPD are admitted under the OPD unit. All patients attending the emergency services on a particular day are admitted under the unit that is on emergency duty. If they have old case papers of another unit (OPD or indoor) then they are subsequently transferred under the care of their original consultant.
The distribution of beds in medical wards is as follows :

Unit Head
Other Consultants
Male Ward
Female Ward
Admission Day
Dr. L S Bichile Dr. A.Sonawale
Dr. V. Chewoolkar
11 (#271) 4 (#50)
Dr. M.Y.Nadkar Dr. R. Singh
12 (#256) 4A (#38)
Dr. T P Medhekar Dr. S Salagare
Dr. K. Borole
9 (#287) 4 (#50)
Dr. A R Pazare Dr. R. N.Sahay
Dr. S. Bajpai
11 (#271) 4A (#38)
Dr. D R Karnad Dr. V Kothari
Dr. R.V.Sonawane
12 (#256) 4 (#50)
Dr. S.S.Mehta Dr. A.G.Rajadhyaksha
Dr. D Atre Singh.
9 (#287) 4A (#38)

Average work load:

Approximately 60 patients are admitted to the medical wards every day on emergency basis and 8 from the outpatient clinic. In the year 2005 – 2006, 17459 patients were admitted, with 3205 deaths.

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