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List of CMEs/WORKSHOPS Conducted in the year 2016



  • Dr G M Kurulkar oration (ORACON 2016) -Dr. Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar, Laryngologist and Voice Surgeon from Bombay Hospital, spoke on “Tweaking Laryngeal Anatomy in Phonosurgery’.


  • CME onMedical Writing’– on 20th March 2016.
  • CME/Workshop on ‘Regional Anesthesia’ on April 3rd 2016 –Kinare Auditorium.
  • Pediatric and Plastic Surgery Anesthesia Update: 4th May 2016 at Kinare Auditorium.
  • ‘CPCR – ACLS’workshop conducted for medical & paramedical personnel.
  • CME on“Free your fears from Obstetric Anesthesia” –CME 31st Jan 2016 at JMLT Auditorium.
  • CPCR workshop for 1st year MBBS students by Department of Anesthesia on 7th may 2016.
  • Neonatal CMEon 25th June 2016 at Kinare Auditorium.
  • ‘Research Methodology workshop’28th to 30th May 2016 in the Dept. Of Anesthesia.
  • Organized ‘Airway Workshop’on1st & 2nd May 2016.
  • ‘Communication Skills lecture’on 22nd July 2016 in the Dept. Of Anesthesia.
  • ‘GCP workshop’ on 26th July 2016-08-26in the Dept. Of Anesthesia.
  • ‘ERAS Protocols CME’ in MLT Auditorium on August 6th 2016.
  • Annual CME on“Anesthesia and Aesthetics”on 21st August 2016.
  • USG workshopby Dr. Gurumurthy, Dr. Deepa Kane and Dr. Kunal Joshi DR.R. D. PATEL for all 3 BMC hospital Anesthesia Dept. on 23rd August 2016.
  • Webinar lecture for DHS on November 2016 – ‘WHO guidelines for cancer pain management’-telemedicine transmission from DGHSon Nov 24th
  • ‘CPCR’Workshopfor Occupational Therapy students on 2nd December 2016.
  • USG workshop for 3rd year students By Dr. Deepa Kane,Dr R.D Patel Dr. Harshal Wagh at Kinare Hall on 5th December 2016.
  • Urology PCNL workshop on 8thDecember 2016 anesthesia by Dr. Shashikant Shinde, Dr. Priyanka Moon.
  • DGHS telemedicine lecture on“Pediatric Anesthesia”by Dr. Nandini Dave.
  • Workshop on“Medical Writing”on 17th December 2016.


Biochemistry and Clinical Nutrition

  • Conducted 12th Good Clinical Laboratory Practices Certificate Course from 27th to 29th September 2016.


Chest Medicine


  • NAPCON 2016, Workshop (National conference on Pulmonary diseases) was conducted on 24th Nov 2016.
  • Continuing Medical Education programme was organized on 21 October,2016 on ‘Allergy And Immunological Disorders’.


Clinical Pharmacology

  • ‘Vigiflow Pharmacovigilance Advanced Training workshop’ was held on 19 March 2016 in the department of Clinical Pharmacology


Community Medicine


  • Organized the state level conference on “Achievements in Million Development Goals 2016- time for Action…..” at G. S. Medical College in February, 2016, inaugurated by Hon. Vice Chancellor Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.
  • 17th IAPSM and IPHA Conference Of Maharashtra IAPSM Chapter with partnership of Mumbai Chapter of IAPSM organized by Department of Community Medicine, Seth GSMC on 12th and 13th February 2016 with Preconference workshops on 11th February 2016 .
  • CME on “Communication skills towards management of untoward situations at emergency patient care services”-18th August 2016.


  • Laser, Dermatosurgery and Hair Transplant Workshops conducted in the department.
  • Conducted CME on ‘Vesiculobullous Disorders’ and ‘Dermatopathology’.


  • Organized live workshop on Laryngo-tracheal surgeries on 30th July 2016 in collaboration with Prince Aly khan Hospital.

Forensic Medicine

  • CME on “Communication Skills towards Management of Untoward Situations At Emergency Patient Care Services” on 18Th August 2016.
  • National CME on “Child Abuse with Special reference to POCSO Act” organized on 09th April 2016.


  • Organized EUS Mentorship conference on 9 – 10September 2016.



  • Workshop on Hypertension- Detection & Management for the Nov 15 batch of Interns on 2nd March 2016 and for Aug 16 batch of interns on 3rd August 2016.
  • Conducted Communication Skills workshops for second year MBBS students of GSMC from 11th to 13th April 2016 as a part of FAIMER project.
  • Organized State level Postgraduate Quiz in Surgery for the Maharashtra State Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India in which more than 25 teams participated.
  • Good Clinical Practice workshop for PGs and faculty on 13th June 2016.
  • MUHS approved Research Methodology Workshop for PG students and Faculty from 20th to 22nd June 2016.
  • Conducted CME on thyroid disorders for residents on 25th February 2016




  • Organized 4 SNCU Observership training programs (14 days each) for pediatricians & nurses from Odisha & Chhattisgarh under National Reproductive and Child Health Program of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.
  • Organized 3 SNCU Observership training programs (14 days each) for nurses from peripheral hospitals and maternity homes of MCGM.
  • Conducted 9th annual workshop on Neonatal Ventilation from 4th to 9th April 2016 .
  • Conducted 2nd workshop on High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation for Pediatricians and Neonatologists on 13th October, 2016.
  • Organized workshop on “Bailey Scale of Infant Development (BSID) III: Assessing key developmental domains in young children” on 20th October 2016.
  • Organized 4thannual Nursing CME on 14th December 2016.



  • Organized ‘Bharucha Oration’ on 13th August – delivered by Dr.Sarosh Irani on auto immune epilepsy.


Nuclear Medicine


  • Organized 5 seminars and 1 workshop with the western chapter of Society of Nuclear Medicine.
  • RSO training workshop for India for radiation Safety exam conducted by AERB at the CVTC auditorium in 5th and 6th Nov 2016.



Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • CME: “Thromboembolism in Pregnancy”on 18th August 2016.
  • CME: “Myomectomy”on 24th November 2016.


Occupational Therapy

  • Access and Access Audit’ workshop on 15th& 16th January 2016.
  • Workshop for Parents on ‘Management of Child with a diagnosis of ADHD at Home’ on 12thFebruary, 2016.
  • Hand Splinting For Occupational Therapists’ on  26th and 27th Aug,2016
  • ‘Neurodevelopmental Care in NICU’ on 22nd – 23rd November, 2016.
  • MUHS approved ‘Basic workshop of Research Methodology’ – 14th – 16th December, 2016.




  • Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference (WIROC) on 2ND& 3rd December 2016.
  • Conducted IAS Cadaveric Course on 21st August 2016 & 16th October 2016.
  • Bombay Orthopaedic Society ‘Pelviacetabular Course’ on 8th July to 10th July 2016.
  • Meeting of Arthroscopy Academy (15th July to 17th July 2016).
  • Conducted ‘Just uniq shoulder’ workshop in 2016.
  • Organized ISHKS teaching programme in 2016.
  • Organized PG teaching programmein 2016.



  • Conducted Cytology CME in February 2016 with visiting international faculty Dr. Dina Modi, USA and participation of 280 delegates.
  • Conducted an all-India level Autopsy Workshop with 225 delegates in 31st March – 2nd April, 2016.
  • “Hands-on-slide viewing session of peripheral blood smears and bone marrows” 2016, Dr. Daksha P, Dr. Tejaswini, Dr Ratnaprabha Ghodke , Dr Jayashri Chaudhari
  • Guest Lecture: Dr Aarti (Harvard Medical school) – Breast cancer Genomics on December, 2016.




  • Indo-UK Genetic CME organized by Department of Pediatrics, Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital and Indo-UK Genetic Education forum, December 15, 2016.
  • Basic Ventilation Workshop, 10th November, for National Conference of Pediatric Critical Care November 2016
  • NCPCC 2016 (18th Annual Conference of the Intensive Care Chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics) conducted by the IAP Intensive Care Chapter (in association with IAP Intensive Care Chapter of Mumbai, IAP Mumbai & Maharashtra and State IAP Intensive Care Chapter) from 11th to 13th November 2016.
  • Organized “Bhagat Oration” given by Dr. Raju Khubchandani on ‘Pediatric Rheumatology- A Clinician’s Haven’, 9th August 2016.





  • UK Sheth Oration, “Recent Advances in the Management of Hypertension” was delivered by, Dr. Ashok Kirpalani, Consulting Physician, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, 21st January, 2016.
  • Three day workshops on “Research Methodology & Biostatistics”approved by MUHS were conducted by the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics for faculty and postgraduate residents of MGM Dental College, Navi Mumbai (22nd – 24th August 2016) and Terna Dental College, Navi Mumbai (27th – 29th September 2016).
  • Department contributed to the organization of 9th Annual Conference on Clinical Pharmacology (28rd -30th April 2016)by South Asian Chapter of American College of Clinical Pharmacology. The theme was Maternal and Child Care.
  • Sessions conducted for student nurses from 21st-23rd December 2016 to orient them to Ayurveda: Principles and Practices.



  • 2nd National conference on scientific awareness on zoonotic disease control” organized by Department of Physiology at GSMC & KEM hospital on 29th March 2016
  • ORACON -2016 ‘Dr. A.C. Durate Monteiro oration’ by Dr.SathyaSubramani on “Septic shock and alpha block.” organized by Department of Physiology at GSMC & KEM hospital on 7th 2016.



Plastic Surgery


  • Organized “Camp Karma” the 3rd Burn survivor camp for children of our country from 12th to 14th Nov 2016




  • Workshops for BEST staffers on “Stress Management “. [765 Beneficiaries]
  • 31st May 2016: World No Tobacco Day -Awareness programme for indoor patients and poster exhibition.
  • Awareness program for School teachers on ‘Mental Health Issues in children” in CVTC Auditorium on 4th Oct, 2016.
  • Community Program in Yuva Parivartan in Antop Hill &Savitribai Phule Stri Sansadan Kendra on 7th Oct, 2016.
  • Panel discussion at Social Service League High School on “Healthy Aging”onMental Health Day on 10th Oct 2016.


Surgery (General Surgery)


  • Department Organized Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery course of IAGES in January 2016. Operative workshops with 6 major surgeries were performed.
  • Post graduate CME March 2016.


Surgical Gastroenterology

  • Conducted Operative laparoscopy workshop for Fellowship for advanced laparoscopy (FALS) on January 2016
  • Conducted ‘Colorectal Laparoscopic Workshop’ under the Auspices of ‘Association of Colorectal Surgeons of India’ in March 2016.












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