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Staff Society – 2015

Office bearers

  • Hon. President: Dean Dr. A N Supe
  • Hon. Vice President: Dr. Manjula Sarkar
  • Hon. General Secretaries: Dr. C Sathe, Dr. N.Sawant
  • Hon. Treasurer: Dr. M. G. Karmarkar

RESEARCH GRANTS: Rs. 50000/- grant sanctioned for each project

1 Dr N Gogtay

Addl Prof.

Clinical Pharmacology

Evaluation of prevalence of mutation in Choloroquine and sulphadoxine- pyrimethamine drug resistance associated with genes in P. vivax malaria isolate in a tertiary care center in Mumbai by nested- polymerase chain reaction techniques (nPCR).
2 Dr. CT Deshmukh

Prof. Pediatrics

Prof & I/C of PICU

Pediatric Medicine

Pharmacokinetics – Pharmacodynamics relationship of vancomycin in children with suspected or proven Gram-positive bacterial infection admitted to Pediatric intensive care unit of tertiary care hospital



3 Dr. Samir Shaikh

Assit Prof. Neonatology

To study the correlation between serum magnesium level at birth and neurological outcome in neonates with perinatal depression.
4 Dr. U Thatte  HOD

Clinical Pharmacology

Assessment of modulation of activity of Paraoxonase-1 (PON-1) by statins in patients requiring statin therapy.
5 Dr. Gita Nataraj

Prof & I/C Bacteriology division Microbiology

Utility of Vitek2 in rapid identification and antifungal susceptibility testing of yeasts in resource constrained setting.
6 Dr. P Vaideeswar,

Addl Prof. Pathology

Vascular Tangle in the Inter-atrial Septum- Is it Sources of Cardiac Myxoma?
7 Dr. U Thatte HOD

Clinical Pharmacology

Survey of public knowledge and perception about clinical research in Mumbai.
8 Dr. Sanjeeta Umbarkar

AP, Anesthesia


Does Levosimendan offer renal protection during offpump coronary artery bypass surgery? Use of plasma gelatinase-associated lipocalin (n-GAL) as an early marker of AKI
9 Dr. Pallavi Rodge/ Surase

Asstt Prof, Microbiology

Sero-clinical study of Acute Febrile Illnesses with multi-organ involvement in Tertiary Care centre.
10 Dr. N Gogtay Addl Prof,

Clinical Pharmacology

Determination of laboratory reference intervals in healthy Indian adults at a tertiary referral centre.
11 Dr. Sandhya Kamat, Prof



Evaluation of the effect of Indian Medicinal plants in a Murine model of Dextran sulphate sodium (DSS) induced acute colitis.
12 Dr. MG Karmarkar, Prof



Demonstration of ADE(Antibody dependent enhancement)like phenomenon in GAS (GroupStreptococcus) SDSE(Streptococcus dysgalactiaesubspecies equismilis) pharyngitis cases in endemic region like Mumbai
13 Shilpshree Palsule, Asstt. Prof Dept of OT


 CAT (Comprehensive Assessment Tool) for assessment of functional capacity of the hand-a study on Indian population.

Educational Grant

  • Grant of Rs. 25000/- is sanctioned for the scientific program for UG students Confluence 2015.
  • Grant of Rs. 10000/- is sanctioned to conduct CME of Physiology Department
  • Grant of Rs. 50000/- is sanctioned for JPGM app.

Two projects by Dr P Kerkar [Cardiology] and Dr SH Ravat [Neurology] are ongoing


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