Anatomy Crossword

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1. The process of embedding of the embryo in the endometrium of the uterus (12)
4. Towards the tail end (6)
7. Solid cubical masses of paraxial mesoderm on either side of the notochord (7)
10. The glycoprotein layer covering the zygote that prevents implantation at abnormal sites (4,9)
12. Part of the yolk sac that lies in the head fold of the embryo (7)
13. Individual cells of cleaved zygote (11)
14. When the placenta is adherent to the decidua basalis it is called as placenta .......... (7)\
17. The process of union of a haploid male gamete with a haploid female gamete to form a diploid zygote (13)
19. The part of the endometrium of a gravid uterus covering the embryonic pole of the implanted blastocyst (7,7)
20. The process of invagination of the primitive streak cells between the epiblast and the hypoblast (12)
21. Golgi apparatus forms this part of a spermatozoon (9,3)
22. The process in which groups of cells assume special characteristics and are assigned with specific functions (15)
24. The loose mass of extra-embryonic mesoderm before cavitation is called .......... (5,10)
25. The cellular part of outer cell mass (15)


2. Tissues which intervene between foetal blood and maternal blood form ......... (9,7)
3. The process of maturation of the spermatozoa by neutralization of the prostatic alkaline medium in the female genital tract (12)
5. Tubular endodermal outgrowth extending from the dorsi-caudal end of the yolk sac into the connecting stalk (9)
6. Inner cell mass (11)
8. Ectodermal depression that is the site of the future oral cavity (9)
9. Stage of the cleaved embryo that resembles a mulberry (6)
11. The thickened endodermal cells at the cephalic end of the embryonic disc (10,5)
15. The fetal part of the placenta is contributed by this structure (7,9)
16. A cell that may produce a separate embryo under favourable conditions is supposed to possess ........... character (10)
18. The primary oocyte is arrested in this stage after Prophase I of oogenesis (10)
23. Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer (Acronym) (4)