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    21            22         


1. A chromosomal aberration involving transfer of a piece of one chromosome to a nonhomologous chromosome(13)
5. In this chromosomal aberration the centromere divides transversely(13)
7. Karyotype showing banding pattern of chromosomes(8)
8. Adopted first name of the Austrian Monk Mendel(6)
9. Segment of DNA molecule coded for the synthesis of a polypeptide(4)
10. Science that deals with study of chromosomes and their correlation with the phenotype(12)
11. Any chromosome other than sex chromosomes(8)
14. Y chromosome is an example of this type of chromosome(11)
18. Hypothesis that mentions the inactivation of one X chromosome in cells of a female(4)
19. Chromosomal aberration in which there is loss of a segment of the genetic material(8)
20. Scientist of Indian origin who cracked the genetic code(7)
21. One of the two daughter strands of a duplicated chromosome joined by a single centromere(9)
22. Alternative form of a gene found at the same locus on homologous chromosome(6)
23. A chromosome number which is not an exact multiple of the haploid number(9)
24. X chromosome is an example of this type of chromosome(14)


1. Aneuploidy in which there is an extra chromosome(7)
2. Basic proteins present in a chromosome(8)
3. An individual with ambiguous genitalia(13)
4. The chromosome set of a somatic cell(9)
6. Mendel's second law is called "Law of ........." (11)
12. Reduction division(7)
13. Sex chromatin(4,4)
15. Drug that prevents formation of mitotic spindles thereby arresting mitosis in metaphase(10)
16. Single set of chromosomes found in normal gametes(7)
17. An individual with this syndrome has a karyotype 47,XXY(11)