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      7            8          
          10          11        
       14        15             
       19            20         
     21               22        


5. Sibson's fascia represents the tendinous part of this muscle(8,7)
7. The most posterior structure in the hilum of the lung (8)
8. Number of lobes in the left lung usually (3)
10. Handle of the sternum (9)
12. Condition of paradoxical respiration that occurs due to fracture of a rib at two or more sites (5,5)
13. Bronchopulmonary segment is aerated by this branch of the bronchial tree(8,8)
15. Cells lining the alveoli of lungs(11)
16. This fissure is present only in the right lung usually(10)
18. Ensiform cartilage (12)
19. Manubriosternal angle of ........(5) (Eponym)
20. The weakest point of a typical rib (5)
21. The thoracic vertebra with one and a half costal facets on its body(5)
22. An anteroposterior semilunar ridge between the orifices of the two principal bronchi(6)
23. The most medial structure related the anterior part of the neck of the first rib (11,5)


1. This part of the pleural cavity produces the costophrenic angle in a chest radiograph(18,6)
2. The thoracic vertebra with only one demifacet on its body (5)
3. The part of lung aerated by a terminal respiratory bronchiole (4,4)
4. The condition in which heart is exposed to the exterior (7,6)
5. The substance secreted by the alveolar cells that reduces surface tension (10)
6. Special contrast imaging technique for visualing the bronchial tree (13)
9. Condition in which air gets collected within the pleural cavity (12)
11. Artery that arises from the internal thoracic artery and supplies the diaphragm(14)
14. Part of a typical rib accomodating the neurovascular structures (6,6)
17. Tongue-like process of the left lung that corresponds to the middle lobe of the right lung (7)