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Ascension-A Step Above-2022

Theme – Blending Ideas with experience 

Ascension- A Step Above” is an annual meet  organised under the aegis of Dr. Manu V.L. Kothari the  honorable chair of Medical Humanities and the division of Medical Humanities in association with the student body of Seth GS Medical College.
Medicine is a humanitarian service. It focuses on the study of understanding the ailments of human and their treatment. However, down the course, we might  have lost touch of the emotions of people who form the core of our practice. At the Division of Medical Humanities  of Seth GSMC and KEMH, we believe it’s important for medical professionals to completely understand a human not only from its physical aspects but also social, emotional, cultural and mental aspects through fine arts, theater, music,  philosophy, comparative literature, etc.
Thus, these conferences are dedicated to compiling multiple people’s perspectives on sensitive issues so as to answer the difficult questions one may come across in life or create new questions on existing practices thus promoting imaginative nonconformist qualities and practices.
The motive of these Conferences is to offer different ways of thinking about human history, culture, behavior and experience which can be used to dissect, critique and influence healthcare practices and priorities.
At Ascension, we try to achieve our motive through workshops which enhance curricular as well as extracurricular intelligence of students.
Events like Quizzes and Symposium are conducted to evaluate the importance of understanding History of Medicine in our present career.
Debate and Panel Discussions help the audience to ponder over the contrasting aspects of complicated topics in relation to medical profession.
Online Competitions inculcate  art and development of literature among students.
Thus we aim at an overall understanding, development and growth of the mind not limited by books.

Ascension Committee Member

President Dr.Sangeeta Ravat
Vice President Dr. Padmaja Samant
Chairperson Dr. Sunil Pandya
Advisor Dr. Lopa Mehta

Dr. Ravi Ramakantan

Dr.Padmaja Samant

Dr.Urmila Thatte

Dr.Santosh Salagre

Dr.Smrati Bajpai

Dr. Nandini Dave

Dr. Sandhya Kamat

Editor for Annual Publications Dr. Swarupa Bhagwat

Student Committee

Chief Organisers Rohan Walse

Rucha Dhakane

Organisers Aarushi Degaonkar

Karan Jain

Nikita Gupta

Parita Gada

Shraddha Taggarse

Content Creators Jui Vaidya

Palak Joshi

Prasad Gond

Radhika Chandak

Rahul Kothari

Riya Shah

PR Akansha Deshmukh

Ayush Akot

Kalyani Mahale

Rashmi Bhange

Sakshi Karle

Sarfaraz Tamboli

Tech Firdaus Fitter

Sharvaree Pethkar

Events 2022 

Pre -Ascension competition(Online events)

  1. Nritya Abhay- Dance Competition
  2. Symphony – Music Competition
  3. Diopter lens – Photography Competition
  4. Rangshaali – Drawing Competition
  5. Pen to paper – Blog Writing Competition

Quiz (Offline event)

Corpus Callosum – Medical Humanities Quiz

Your logical, rational left brain is connected to the creative and artistic right brain by the corpus callosum, and together they make great things happen. Similarly, we at the MVL Kothari Division of Humanities believe that medical humanities is the bridge that connects science to the arts, adding a greater meaning to what we do. In that spirit, we are proud to announce our first ever Medical Humanities Quiz – Corpus Callosum!

Have you ever wanted to measure your mind against the best? Here’s your chance to go up against the smartest quizzers in the country on a level playing field! Test your knowledge of history, literature, arts, cinema, theatre, music and more, and stand to win exciting prizes.

Literati Event – (Offline event)

Speak -Ups – Extempore Competition

News & Updates

Annual Report