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Department of Paediatric Anaesthesia

Background History

The Department of Paediaric Anaesthesia was established on 8th April 2018 with an intake capacity of two DM admissions and two Fellows per year.


Sections Units Branches

  1. Pediatric Surgery Anesthesia
  2. Pediatric Acute & Chronic Pain Clinic
  3. Pediatric Surgical ICU
  4. Pediatric MRI/CT Scan/ GI Scopy/ Opthalmic services under GA



Sr No Name Designation
1 Dr Indrani Chincholi Professor Emeritus
2 Dr Raylene Dias Assistant Professor
3 Dr Swarup Ray Assistant Professor
4 Dr Nikhil Kesarkar Assistant Professor
5 Dr Amrit Kaur Assistant Professor


Sr No Name Designation
1 Dr Uditi Parmar SR- DM 3rd year resident
2 Dr Gayathri P SR- DM 2nd year resident


Sr No Name Designation
1 Dr Hemachander Sridharan SR
2 Dr Madhuri Bamnote SR


Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Digvijay Jaideepsingh Deore House officer


Sr No Name Designation
1 Dr Laxmi Zade SR
2 Dr Amreen Fatima SR


Activities of the Department from August 2021

Academic Events/CME’s conducted

  1. International – Asian Society of Pediatric Anesthesiologists (ASPA) 2021 in Singapore on 13th November 2021 – Pediatric Trauma Track
  2. Pediatric Airway Workshop- Emerging Trends, Techniques and Equipment- in association with IAPA Maharashtra State Chapter on 1st May 2022
  3. Patient Safety Workshop in Association with RSACP on 7th July 2022
  4. Pediatric Anesthesia National Academic Meet: Hybrid CME in association with IAPA on 9th July 2022
  5. Workshop on Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring in children on 20th August 2022 in association with IAPA Maharashtra
  6. Pediatric Renal Transplant on RSACP on Foundation Day on 7th July 2022
  7. Pediatric Cardiac patient for Non Cardiac Surgery on 14th October 2022 in IAPA National Fellowship Academic Programme
  8. Workshop on Regional Anesthesia for Orthopedic Surgery in children organized by SRCC Children’s Hospital, Haji Ali, Mumbai on 15th September 2022
  9. PROACT 2022 Pune 9th September 2022
  10. NORA in children- Hybrid meet- 24th Jan 2023

Prizes won

  1. Dr Vishal Saxena (2nd year DM Resident) won 1st prize for poster presentation “Erector Spinae Block in paediatric VATS: A case series” at the IAPA mid–term conference conducted on 5th September.

2. Dr Akhil Goel (fellow) poster “Neonatal Epignathus: small pill bug thrill” at the IAPA mid–term conference conducted on 5th September.

Activities of the department from January 2019 to August 2019

Academic events/ CMEs conducted:

  1. Low flow Anaesthesia and lung protective ventilation-Conference+ Workshop on 20th January 2019.
  2. Workshop on Midline insertion – 8th April 2019
  3. Paediatric Airway and Mechanical Ventilation- An Update –CME on 30th June 2019

News paper mentions/ Media:

  1. Dr Nandini Dave (Addl. Professor and Head in charge)was invited to speak on Paediatric Anaesthesia for the program “AROGYA SAMPADA” (health education program) which was live telecasted on national channel DD Sahyadri on 25th April 2019


  1. Dr Swarup Ray (2nd year DM Resident) won 1st prize for video presentation “A new paradigm in patient monitoring- Oxygen Reserve Index” at CME conducted by ISA Boriwalli on 25th May 2019
  2. Dr Karthika Rajan (2nd year DM Resident) won 1st prize for paper presentation “Perfusion index as a predictor for working paediatric caudal block under general anaesthesia- A Prospective Observational Study” in the superspeciality category at Staff Society Scientific meeting held on 19th July 2019 at KEM
  3. Dr Aarti Baghele (3rd year DM Resident) won 1st prize for poster presentation “Effect of pre-operative education on anxiety in children undergoing day-care surgery” in the superspeciality category at Staff Society Scientific meeting held on 19th July 2019 at KEM




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  1. Parekh A, Dias R, Dave N. Correlation between skin-epidural space diatance with weight, age, and height in paediatric patients. Indian J Anaesth. 2019;63(2):143–146. doi:10.4103/ija.IJA_310_18
  2. Dias R, Dave N, Agrawal B, Baghele A. Correlation between bispectral index, end-tidal anaesthetic gas concentration and difference in inspired–end-tidal oxygen concentration as measures of anaesthetic depth in paediatric patients posted for short surgical procedures. Indian J Anaesth 2019;63:277-83
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  7. Efficacy and Safety of videolaryngoscopy guided verbal feedback to teach neonatal and infant intubation. A Prospective Randomised Cross over Study-Saran A, Dave NM, Karnik PP- Accepted for publication in Indian journal of Anaesthesia
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  9. “Accuracy of ECG Guidance for Depth of Insertion of Central Venous Catheters in Children: A prospective observational study.” Shah H, Dave NM- Accepted for publication in Medical Journal of Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth

Ongoing projects

Sr. No. Name Teacher Designation Thesis
2. Dr. Nikhil Kesarkar Dr. Raylene Dias Bonded AP “Cascade sign for optimal positioning of central venous catheter tip using ultrasound – a prospective pilot study ”.
3. Dr. Nikhil Kesarkar. Dr. Raylene Dias Bonded AP “Feasibility and efficacy of low flow sevoflurane anaesthesia administered through face mask during MRI in children”.
4. Dr Vishal  Saxena Dr Raylene Dias DM Resident Co-Relation between Oxygen Reserve IndexTM and Central Venous Oxygen Saturation in Paediatric patients.
4. Dr Uditi Parmar Dr Raylene Dias DM Resident Ultrasonographic measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter during  laparoscopic surgeries in pediatric patients:An observational study.
5. Dr Uditi Parmar Dr Raylene Dias DM Resident Comparison of ultrasound guided brachiocephalic and internal  jugular vein cannulation in neonates and infants:A prospective randomized controlled trial.
First Anniversary celebrations:
  • The department of Paediatric Anaesthesia celebrated its 1st Anniversary on 8th April 2019 followed by short focused workshop on midline insertion.


New Machine/ technology/ New endeavor:
  1. Oxygen Reserve Index (ORi TM )-Masimo monitor: a new equipmentto detect impending desaturation during apnoeic ventilation for retrieval of foreign body in the airway for children under anaesthesia
  2. Real time intra-operative Ultrasound is performed by us in various situations of surgical diagnostic dilemmas and to aid in better patient care
  3. Target Controlled Infusion pump was bought by the department for the administration of Total Intravenous Anaesthesia in children
  4. Started Paediatric anaesthesia services for MRI since January 2019 on all Saturdays and Mondays from 9am to 4 pm
  5. Started Paediatric Anaesthesia OPD services since March 2019 on all Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm.
  6. Recently acquired MR compatible laryngoscopes by Donation from Ratanchand Hirachand Foundation
  7. In addition the Department is equipped with State of the act Drager Perseus Anesthesia Machines, GE Logiq E USG machine including pediatric Transthoracic Echo probes, Sonosite  USG machine,Pentax Fibreoptic bronchoscopes 2.2 and 3mm for difficult airway and bronchoscopies, CMAC Karl Storz Video Endoscope, MOST CARE pediatric cardiac output monitor etc.
  8. NIRS/ Cerebral/Somatic Oximeter monitor donated by Smt. Pramila Shantilal Shah Charity Foundation, Mumbai.
Announcements for any future event:
  • Intrathecal injection of the drug Spinraza in children with Spinal muscular atrophy – a part of National project in conjunction with the Department of Paediatrics,KEM is under discussion.

For Student

DM Pediatric Anesthesia Programme

Admission Requirement

For admission to DM (Paediatric Anaesthesiology), a candidate is required to possess MD or an equivalent qualification in anaesthesia of an Institute/University recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Duration of Course

Three full academic years

No. of Candidates

As per sanctioned Intake- 2 seats

Aims and Objectives of the Course

The aim of the course is to impart thorough and comprehensive training to the candidate in the various aspects of this specialty to enable him/her:

(a) To function as a faculty/consultant in the specialty

(b) To carry out and help in conducting applied research in the field of paediatric anaesthesia

(c) To plan and set-up independent paediatric anaesthesia unit catering to paediatric surgery and intensive care.

Method of Selection

The selection of candidate for admission of DM in Paediatric Anaesthesia is to be made through nationwide Common Entrance Test (NEET) The selection is based on merit only.

Periodic rotations in the following Operation Theatres and Intensive Care Units would be made.Paediatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac catheterization laboratory, Interventional radiological procedure laboratory, Otorhinolaryngology Surgery, Ophthalmology Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery (GI scopy, Liver Transplantation), Paediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU.

The following teaching programme is prescribed for the course:

DM seminar/Case discussion/Tutorial once a week

Journal Club once a week

Teaching of MD Anaesthesia students by the DM student is part of the training.

Period of Posting in Various Units

The trainee will be posted in different specialties and duration of these postings will be as following:

Paediatric surgery OR 16 months

CVTS 2 months, Cardiac catheterization lab 2 months

Neurosurgery 1 months, Plastic Surgery 1 month, ENT 2 months

Pediatric Pain Clinic- 1 month

Paediatric ICU 3 months, Paediatric Surgery ICU 1month, Neonatal ICU 2 months

Posting at Speciality Centre 2 months

Exam preparation 3 months

Fellowship Programme

Course is designed to train candidates in the principles and practice of Paediatric Anaesthesia to enable them to conduct anaesthesia and intensive care for paediatric patients and to function as faculty/consultant in Paediatric Anaesthesia and paediatric preoperative and postoperative intensive care.

The trainee will be posted in different specialties and duration of these postings will be as following:

Pediatric General Surgery OT- including Urology, Oncology, Thoracic Surgery- 5 months

NICU- 1 month

Pain Clinic- 1 month

Cardiac OT & Cath Lab- 1 month

Plastic Surgery- 1 month

Orthopedic Surgery- 1 month

ENT- 1 month

Neurosurgery- 1 month

For Patient

OPD includes- Pediatric Surgery OPD, CT/MRI/GI Scopy PAC

Chronic Pediatric Pain Clinic

OPD days- Tue/Thu 2-4 pm

1st Floor, OPD Building- MSB

Opp Clinical Pharmacology Dept




3rd Floor, Opp 3 ICU, Old Building, Gynaec Block


Contact Detail

7238 (office), 7219 (OT), Office- 022 24107238