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Department of Physiology

Background History

Welcome to the Department of Physiology.

This department has a strong academic focus. It conducts teaching programms for medical and other courses. Research activities and publishing are a strong priority.


Date of Establishment of the Physiology Department – 1 st June, 1925 .

List of all HOD’s till date –

Name of the HOD Period
Dr. S. P. Niyogi 1925 – 1945
Dr. K.C. Batliwala 1945 – 1946
Dr. A. C. D. Monterio 1946 – 1961
Dr. I. K. Ramchandani 1961 – 1980
Dr. S. M. Kendurkar 1980 – 1996
Dr. S. S. Joglekar 1996 – 2000
Dr. K. Radhakrishnamurthy 2000 – 2004
Dr. Anjali S. Joshi 2004 – 2009
Dr. Jyoti A. Bharadwaj 2009
Dr. Jayashree V. Gadkari 2010 – 2016
Dr D. N. Shenvi 2016 – Till date

Sections Units Branches


Teaching staff:


Sr. No.





Teaching Experience



Dr. D.N.Shenvi
MBBS, MD Physiology Professor and Head UG – 28 Years
PG – 22 Years


Dr. Lalita Chandan
MBBS, MD Physiology,
2015 GSMC FAIMER Fellow
Professor UG – 15 Years
PG – 9 Years


Dr. Ameet
MBBS, MD Physiology Professor(Additional) UG – 21 Years
PG – 13 Years


Dr. Amit
MBBS, MD Physiology Professor(Additional) UG – 18 Years
PG – 7 Years


Dr. Lalit
MBBS, MD Physiology Professor(Additional) UG – 18 Years
PG – 13 Years


Dr. Munira A. Hirkani
MBBS, MD Physiology,
2010 GSMC FAIMER Fellow
Associate Professor UG – 15 Years
PG – 9 Years


Dr. Anita Agarwal
Associate Professor UG – 18 Years


Dr. Sharad
MBBS, MD Physiology Associate Professor UG – 13 Years
PG – 6 Years


Dr. Hitesh
MBBS, MD Physiology. MA Psychology,
Associate Professor UG – 11 Years
PG – 2 Years


Dr. Venkatesh Rathod
MBBS, MD Physiology Associate Professor UG – 10 Years
PG – 5 Months


Dr. Manish Dhadse
MBBS, MD Physiology Assistant Professor UG – 10 Years
PG – 2 Years


Dr. Laxmikant Borse
MBBS, MD Physiology Assistant Professor UG – 11 Years
PG – 2 Years


Dr. Samadhan Mitkari
MBBS, MD Physiology Assistant Professor UG – 7 Years
PG – 7 Months


Dr. Devendra Patil
MBBS, MD Physiology Assistant Professor UG – 7 Years
PG – 1 Year


Dr. Tejaswini Sonwane
MBBS, MD Physiology Assistant Professor UG – 2 Years


Dr. Kavita
MBBS, MD Physiology Assistant Professor(Adhoc) UG – 18 Years


Dr. Geeta J.
MBBS, MD Physiology Assistant Professor(Adhoc) UG – 7 Years
6 Months


Dr Mangala Bhongade
MBBS, MD Physiology SMO UG – 2 Years


Dr Sonali Gulhane
MBBS, MD Physiology SMO UG – 2 Years


Dr Aritra
MBBS, MD Physiology SMO UG – 2 Years


Dr. Ramakrishna Kamath
MBBS Tutor UG – 1 Years


Dr. Meghana Kate
MBBS Tutor UG – 1 Years


Dr. Anjali Kale
MBBS Tutor UG – 1 Years


Dr. Ayaz Ahmad Momin
MBBS Tutor UG – 1 Years


MBBS Tutor


Dr. Amretha Nambiar
MBBS Tutor


Dr. Shefali Adhikari
MBBS Tutor


Dr.Kudrat Bhangu
MBBS 1st Year Resident


Dr. Maneeshkumar Martanday
MBBS 1st Year Resident


Dr. Shaikh
Sana Arif
MBBS 1st Year Resident


Dr. Gayatri
MBBS 1st Year Resident


Non Teaching Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Smt.Jayshree Malondkar Clerk Cum Typist
2 Shri.Nitin V. Gurav Record Assistant
3 Shri.Sharad Palave Lab. Technician
4 Miss. Srina S Palaparambil Lab. Technician
5 Shri. JayprakashKumbhar Lab. Attandant
8 Shri. Ravindra Gawade Lab. Attandant
9 Shri. Vasant Padave Servant
10 Shri. Dattaram Kadam Servant
12 Shri. DilipKamble Servant
13 Shri. Ravindra Shejwal Servant
14 Shri Suresh Vanjiri Servant
15    Shri. Kishor M.Chowkekar Servant
16 Shri. Kishor Parmar Servant
17 Shri.Deepak V. Solanki Sweeper

Facilities, Equipments & Special services


Major Activities and Services

  • Lectures &Practicals for I MBBS, FYOT/PT, Nursing, BPMT and Diploma students
  • Tutorials for UG students
  • Microteaching, Seminar and Journal club presentations for PG students
  • Research work carried out by PG students and teaching staff
  • Assessment of students by written, oral and practical examinations
  • Assessment of Teachers by Students Feedback and Peer review
  • Deputation of residents for Fever OPD
  • Shidori for I MBBS students.

Patient Services


  • UG (Departmental library for all UG students)
  • PG (Department library + Library of books donated by the department staff+ Dr Dharani Books)
  • Computer & Internet for Staff & PG students
  • Lecture Theatre with LCD, OHP & Slide Projector (Capacity -200)
  • Well Equipped Laboratories for
    • Clinical skills
    • Haematology experiments
    • Human experiments
    • Animal Experiments
    • Exercise testing

For Student


Courses Conducted

Teaching Programs


Level of Graduation Faculty Year No. of Students Affiliated University
Under Graduate MBBS I MBBS 180 MUHS
II BPMT (Card.) 5 MUHS
Post Graduate MD (Human Physiology) MUHS 9 per year MUHS


Teaching Conducted for

Other Courses offered :

Sr. No. Faculty Name of the Institute No. of Students Affiliated University
1 Nursing KEM Hospital 80- 100 MUHS
SNDT 60 – 80 MUHS
Hinduja Hospital 30 – 40 MUHS
Bombay Hospital 50-60 MUHS
Hiranandani Hospital 30 MUHS
2 Diploma in Radiotherapy Tata Memorial Hospital 15 – 20 MUHS
3 Biomedical Engineering Vidyaalankar Institute of Technology 60
4 DNB Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital 20-30 National Board of Examination

Research Activities

Research Projects Completed:

  1. Comparative study of neurocognitive functions in Deaf & normal hearing subjects of age 8 to 18 years. –        Dr. Manjusha Kawale
  2. Comparison of neuromotor skills in smokers & non-smokers between the ages of 25-60 years to study the effect of smoking. – Dr. Shivani Agrawal
  3. Comparative study of effect of air pollution on pulmonary function test in taxi drivers and train drivers. –      Dr. Aritra Sanyal
  4. Comparative study of body composition of male patient with type -2 diabetes in age group of 30-50 yr on basis of duration of disease. – Dr. Advait Patil.


Publications in last 3 Years:


  • J.V.Gadkari – ‘The efficacy of cooper protocol dance aerobics in causing physiological changes in the endurance capacity of middle aged women’ in International Journal of basic & applied physiology Vol.3(1) 2014.
  • Lalit Nikam – ‘Cardiovascular response to exercise in normal weight and overweight students’ in IJBAMR February 2015.
  • Agrawal A, Athavale A, Shenvi D N, Kirtikar S. et. al. Comparative study of mechanical lung function measurements in COPD patients: A pilot study. IJPP. 2014; 58 (5): 94-95.
  • Sharad Patel – ‘Interrelationship of various factors and risk of coronary heart diseases in young adults’ in International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, Vol.14, Issue2, March 2015.
  • Sharad Patel – ‘Cyclic fluctuation of bleeding time and clotting time in various phases of menstrual cycle’ in National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Vol.5, Issue-15, 2015.
  • Manish Dhadse – ‘Effect if anulomVilomPranayam on Human Visual reaction time in Indian population aged 18-22 years, in IJBAP, 2015.
  • Borse L J, Dr. ModakHK.– ‘Effect of body weight on peak expiratory flow rate in the first yearmedical college male students’. Int J Health Sci Res. 2014; 4(6):62-70.



  1. Books: –
  • Dr MuniraHirkani& Dr. Dandekar S. Contributed a chapter, “Large group Teaching: Lecture as a teaching tool” in the book The Art of Teaching medical students, 3rd edition, 2015; 135-145 Elsevier publication.
  1. International publications: –
  • Sulaxane Y.D., Patel S. G. Interrelationship of various factors and risk of coronary heart disease in young adults. Int. J. of recent trends in science & technology, vol. 14, issue 2, pg 416-419 march 2015.
  1. National publications: –
  • Sulaxane Y.D., Patel S. G. Cyclic fluctuation of bleeding time & clotting time in various phases of menstrual cycle. Nation J. of Physiology Pharmacy & pharmacology, vol. 5, issue 15, march 2015.
  • Patil D. N. Impact of disturbed circadian rhythm in call center workers. Research J. Of Pharmaceutical, Biological & Chemical sciences Jul-Aug 2015 (6)(4) pg 1763-1766.
  • Mankar S., Shenvi D.N., Hegde G. Promotion of stair climbing exercise in medical students to acheive physical fitness with students’s normal routine. International journal of health sciences & research ISSN 254-259 vol. 5, issue 9, sept 2015
  • Modak H K., Borse L J. Use of computer-assisted teaching with animal simulator in experimental physiology for the first year MBBS students. NJBMS – Volume 6, Issue 2, October – December 2015 pages 68-71.
  • Anita Agarwal co-published a research paper titled – “Effect of anion channel blockers on L-arginine action in spermatozoa from asthenospermic men” in the International Journal ‘Andrologia’ , February 2010, volume 41, pages 1-7.



  1. 1. Books: –
  • DrMuniraHirkanicontributed a chapter “Postgraduater Seminar: Honing your teaching skills.” In the book Essential skills for postgraduates in Dentistry by Sabda Ram, Richard Pereera.
  1. International publications: –
  • Effect of four months yoga training on handgrip strength and handgrip endurance in children at Nagpur. International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health 2016, 5- (11).
  1. National publications: –
  • DrJeetendra Yogi, DrMuniraHirkani. Effect of sleep deprivation on audio-visual reaction time in resident doctors – a measure of task performance. Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research; March2016: Vol-5, Issue-2; 29-35.
  • Bhirud B, Chandan L, Chawla A. Do congenitally blind individuals have better haptic object perception compared to blind folded sighted individuals. Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology 2016; 60(3): 230-34.
  • George Savina, ChandanLalita. Is physical fitness of working women netter than home makers? Indian Journal of Basic & Applied Medical Research, June 2016; vol-5, issue 3: 629-36.
  • ChandanLalita, GulhaneSonali, BorseLaxmikant. Altered cardiovascular reactivity in childrens of hypertensive parents. National Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, 2016 Vol -6. Issue 4: 151-56.
  • Bhirud B, Chandan Lalita. Comparative study of simple auditory reaction time in blind & blind folded sighted individuals. National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology,online first, article 55, August 6, 2016.
  • TejaswiniSonawane, N.V.Mishra. Study of effects of yoga and pranayama on human reaction time and certain physiological parameters in normal and hypertensive subjects. National Journalof Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology, May 2016; issue 4, print 2320-4672.


Ongoing Research Projects / dissertation:


  • Comparative study of mechanical lung function tests in COPD patients. – Dr Anita Agrawal

3rd year post graduate students:

  • A comparative study of cardiovascular autonomic reactivity in normal subjects and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in a tertiary care centre. – Dr. Ramakrishna Umesh Kamath
  • Correlation of body fat percentage with cardio-metabolic risk factors in indian adults with normal body mass index – Dr. MeghanaBaburao Kate
  • Evaluation of body composition and its correlation with vo2 max in obese and non-obese young staff of tertiary centre – Dr. Anjali Baliram Kale
  • A comparative study of haemoglobin concentration in Indiannon- vegetarian and vegetarian population of aged 18 to 40 years – Dr. Ayaz Ahmad Momin

2nd year post graduate students:

  • Effect of Isometric hand grip exercise on cardiovascular responses in Normal weight and Overweight Indian population aged 18-35 yrs – Dr. Shefali U. Adhikari
  • A study of the effects of food group frequency and physical activity on various anthropometric indices in elementary school children. – Dr. Amretha Nambiar
  • A study of different recovery protocols of heart rate recovery and its comparison between physically active and sedentary males after sub maximal exercise. – Dr. Varun Gupta


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