Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College

Acharya Donde Marg, Parel,
Mumbai 400 012. India.
Tel.: 91-22-2410 7000 Fax: 91-22-2414 3435

Department of Skin , STD & Leprosy

Background History

The Department of Dermatology was established at Seth GS Medical college and KEM Hospital  asold as the hospital by Dr. A C Rebello in 1926 at Ward No.17&18 Main Hospital Bldg & Gr. Floor.

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Head of the Department :

Dr. Vidya D. Kharkar, M.D. (Skin), D.V.D.

Department Staff :

Dr. Vidya D.Kharkar Prof & Head
Dr. Sunanda A Mahajan Additional Professor
Dr. Siddhi Chikhalkar Associate Professor
Dr. Prachi Gole Assistant Professor

Present Position of Residents :

Fellows 2
Senior Residents 1
Junior Residents 16
Clerk cum Typist 1
Lab. Technician 1
Staff Nurse-OPD 1

Various Teaching Programmes

Group Lectures for all 2nd & 3rd  MBBS students.-CVTC Auditorium.

For undergraduate students :

Posted for skin term in the department.

  1. Daily OPD Clinics
  2. Daily lectures

For OT/PT students :

Lecture series yearly

For Post graduate students

  • Bedside Clinics: Case presentation On daily rounds – Everyday.
  • Discussion of difficult and interesting OPD cases and spot cases – Everyday

Dermato Pathology :
Clinicopathological correlation and discussion of cases – Every Tuesday & Saturday

Grand Round– Monday
Seminars –Wednesday 2-3pm

Histopathology Seminars- Tuesday 2-3pm

Journal Club –Thursday 2-3pm.

Case Presentation– Fri 2-3 pm

P.G. Registration :

  • At present there are three post graduate teachers-
  • Dr.Vidya Kharkar
  • Dr.Sunanda Mahajan
  • Dr.Siddhi Chikhalkar
  • Post Graduate registrations take place Once a year.
  • 6 M.D. registered candidate allotted per year.
  • M.D. Course for 3 years (after completion of Internship)
  • Clinical meeting held of Indian association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists, Maharashtra State Branch at K.E. M.Hospital in every Feb- March. In this meeting fully worked up interesting Cases and spot cases are presented by post graduate students.

Facilities, Equipments & Special services

Various Services Offered

Routine Daily OPDs :

  • Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – New + Old/ Followup patients
  • Tuesday/Saturday – Old patients/Followup Patient.
  • Tuesday/Saturday -Issuing of Histopathology Report.
  • Tuesday/Saturday -Simple office procedure & minor Surgeries by Appointment.
  • All Days- Skin biopsies of Relevant Cases done on daily basis.
  • Issue of paper for OPD – 8.30am to 10.30 am

 Special clinics


Cosmetology clinic – Every Monday

  • In this clinic,  Pigmentary conditions are treated with Glycolic acid, salicylic acid and other chemical peels depending upon patients requirement.
  • Treatment of acne scars with subscission, dermaroller, TCA cross is done depending upon the type of scarring.

Vitiligo clinic – Every Tuesday

  • In this clinic photographic evidence of all the patients maintained
    before and after treatment. Refractory & stable cases are managed with surgical
    modalities of treatment.

Psoriasis clinic – Every Wednesday

  • Regular follow-up of psoriasis cases with topical and systemic therapies , Photo therapy ,psychotherapy and counseling done.

Paediatric dermatology clinic – Every Thursday

  • In this clinic photographic evidence of all the patients maintained.Record of patients including genodematosis maintained

Acne clinic – Every Friday

  • In this clinic patients are evaluated according to their grade and treated accordingly.Photographs of patients maintained.

STI Clinic – Daily

  • Patients with sexually transmitted infections are treated accordingly and tested for HIV and syphilis and treated accordingly

Leprosy clinic- Tuesday and saturday

  • Registration  and counselling of new hansen’s patients (Tuesday & Saturday) is done on both these days and they are referred to nearby centres for treatment.

Vesicobullous diseases speciality clinic – every tuesday and thursday 

  • In this clinic patients of various vesicobullous diseases are treated and followed up regularly with various treatment modalities including Pulse therapy rounds.

Hair clinic- Saturday

  • Detailed history , examination & dermoscopy of patients with hair loss are performed and proforma are maintained.
  • Procedure performed include intralesional steroid injections, platelet rich plasma therapy and mesotherapy.

Autoimmune diseases speciality clinic- Daily

School clinic:- 1pm to 3pm


Dematosurgical procedures:-On Tues/Sat

  • Excision Biopsies , Nail biopsies, and Therapeutic nail removal, Cyst removal, tattoo removal . Electrocautery, chemical cautery, Molluscum contagiosum extraction, chemical peels, intralesional steroid injections, Dermabrasion, Punch grafting, shave grafting, suction blister technique of skin grafting for Vitiligo patients , Scar elevation, Scar revision comedone extraction, intralesional steroids for keloids
  • Radiofrequency – For management of warts, sebaceous hyperplasia,skin tags.
  • Cryotherapy – every Saturday .Lesions like hemangiomas, keloids, hypertrophic scars are treated with cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen.
  • DPCP application every Saturday for alopecia areata.


  • PUVA chamber- everyday .The department has a PUVA chamber where patients of psoriasis, vitiligo and mycosis fungoides are treated .Charges are Rs 400 per month.
  • NB-UVB chamber – everyday The department has a NB-UVB chamber where patients of psoriasis are treated . They are charged Rs. 400 per month.
  • Combined PUVA and NB- UVB chamber
  • Hand foot panel for localized palmoplantar lesions.
  • UVA1 Chamber for Scleroderma & Generalized Morphea Patients.
  • Photopatch test unit.


The department is equipped with multiple lasers used for the treatment of various skin conditions at minimal cost.

Tribeam Q switched laser- Monday/ Wednesday/Saturday  1-3 pm

Intense pulse light (IPL)- Tuesday/ Thursday 1 to 2 pm.

Excimer laser (308nm)- every tuesday after vitiligo clinic(12.30pm)

Dermatopathology services

Patients with doubtful diagnosis are biopsied for confirmation of diagnosis. The department has a state of the art multiheaded microscope with fluorescence attachment. The microscope is equipped with teaching heads and a TV monitor for teaching postgraduates. It is also connected to a PC for storing still images. The department receives a lot of references of difficult cases for dermatopathology opinion and clinicopathological correlation. The department also has a laboratory where biopsy samples are processed.


Department has a Dermatoscope which is connected to a computer. It provides for non invasive evaluation of various skin conditions. Images are stored on the computer for correlation with clinical and histological findings and can be retrieved at a later date for comparison

Mycology services

Scraping, smears and cultures for demonstration of fungal infection,Tzanck smears for vesiculobullous disorders, Gram’s smears for bacterial infection.


Department participates in the National Conferences

  • National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologist & Leprologists
  • Annual conference of Maharashtra Branch.
  • National conference of STDs
  • National Conference of Leprosy
  • National Conference of HIV and related diseases
  • National conference of Paediatric Dermatology
  • National conference of cosmetic dermatology
  • National conference of dermatosurgery
  • Quiz Archive

    A 28-year male presented to the skin clinic for progressive cutaneous lesions of the neck that he had for the past 3 years. He was diagnosed as a case of Wilson’s disease 15 years back and started on D penicillamine at a dose of ~800mg daily. He was asymptomatic for 13 years when he developed mild itchy lesions starting over nape of neck which progressed to involve bilateral axilla gradually. Clinical examination revealed multiple match head sized keratotic papules on an annular erythematous base on nape of neck and axilla. Also we noticed skin over axilla was pendulous and hanging in folds. The clinical and histopathological findings were collaboratory.

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  • A Sweet Quiz

    A 56 year/Male patient of UP presented with multiple asymptomatic,hypopigmented maculesof varying sizes all over body since 6 months and multiple firm to hard painless nodules ranging from 1-5 cm on extremities since 3 months. Biopsy from the macule showed a sparse superficial perivascular infiltrate of lymphocytes and histiocytes and the nodule showed diffuse dense infiltrate involving the upper and mid dermis with tiny slightly basophilic intracytoplasmic dots of size 1-2 microns.

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Location :

Main hospital building, ward 17-18, Ground floor

Main OPD building, 1st floor and the OPD No. 117

Address :

Department of Skin, STD & Leprosy,

Main hospital building
ward 17-18, Ground floor
K.E.M. Hospital, Parel,
Mumbai – 400 012.

Contact Detail

24107538(Office and opd)

24107117( ward)

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