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Issue of certificates for Alumni

Issue of Certificates from the College Office
(all charges are per certificate-per copy)

General information

  1. Certificates commonly sought by alumni include:
      • Transcripts of medical/OT/PT degrees (MBBS, MD/MS, BOTh/BPTh)
      • Testimonial (“Recommendation” letter) from the Director
      • Verification certificates (qualifications, duties attended, graduation year, internship completion)
      • Details of clinical clerkship
  2. These certificates issued from this office will be charged as per the prevailing rates of the BMCAt present these charges are:
    Within 1 year of completion of the specified course Rs. 1000 + Rs. 100 (postal charges)
    Between 1 year – 3 years of completion of the course Rs. 1500 + Rs. 100 (postal charges)
    Between 3 years – 15 years of completion of the specified course Rs. 2000 + Rs. 100 (postal charges)
    After 15 years of completion of the specified course Rs. 3000 + Rs. 100 (postal charges)

    Charges to be paid by cash at this college office or by Demand drafts payable in Mumbai and drawn in favour of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

  3. Certificates will be issued only after the requisite charges are paid
  4. Certificates will be issued provided that there are no dues in terms of bond money or stipend to be recovered from the applicant.
  5. In case of requests from ECFMG or other foreign agencies for verification of the Degree certificate or the mark sheet/s or s, we can do this only if a some one known to the applicant physically goes to the University, pays the charges there and gets it verified by them. The University may take up to two weeks to verify these documents. We are sorry; but, in view of the large number of such requests, the institution is not able to do this for our students.

Application procedure

  • Make sure that there are no dues outstanding against your name (bond, stipend recovery etc) before you leave the college/hospital on completing your studies.
    1. Full name of the candidate (In case of lady applicants, please provide the maiden name)
    2. Year of admission
    3. Year of graduation (Pl. provide photocopy of the degree certificate)
    4. Photocopy of the internship Completion certificate
    5. Photocopy of the full registration Certificate with the Medical Council
    6. All Mark sheets
    7.  Bond Released Certificate.Please send the following documents with an application request on plain paper, for expeditious processing of your request
  • Please allow at least three working days for us to prepare the certificates.


All applications must be addressed to :

The Dean,
Undergraduate/Post-graduate Section,
Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital
India – 400012

Requests from outside India:

Usually these certificates are requested by the hospital or the university where the alumnus has applied for admission or employment. The college office then writes back to the university or hospital asking for the above information and also for the payment. This is then communicated to the applicant by the organization, who then remits the amount to GSMC. The certificate is then dispatched in 3 -7 days of receipt of the payment. As is evident, this process is time consuming, and often universities or hospitals may not wait for long before selecting students or employees.

To avoid these delays, the following option is available to members of the GS Alumni Association. You could deposit an appropriate amount with the the Platinum Jubilee Foundation of the GS Medical College and KEM Hospital. Whenever a written request for a certificate is received n your behalf, the appropriate amount will be transferred from your holding in the Platinum Jubilee Foundation to the GSMC account. The certificate will then be issued within 3 working days of this transaction. If your email address is available in the Alumni Office, you will be intimated about the balance amount after each transaction.

You could make this deposit either when you have completed your studies, before making applications for new jobs or any other time in anticipation of a request for certificates.

Common problems and delays

We have often noticed that students fail to complete the formalities regarding completion of the terms of bonds signed at the time of admission to the college. Similarly, postgraduates who have left the course without completing it are required to return the stipend amount received during the postgraduate training course. If any of these amounts are to be recovered (even by other BMC hospitals or colleges) certificates are not issued till the pending dues paid. In fact, a letter will be sent to whoever (institution or individual) has requested for the certificate that these dues have to be cleared before the certificate will be issued.

There is also undue delay in students remitting the requisite charges after we have received the request for the certificates. Requests will not be processed till the charges are paid.

It has been our experience that these delays cause a lot of misunderstanding between our students/alumni and the office staff. These can be avoided by adhering to the above-mentioned instructions.

Please allow at least seven working days after payment of charges for us to prepare the certificates.

Address for correspondence, requests and information

The Dean,
Undergraduate/Post-graduate Section,
Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital
India – 400012


Telephones: :-91 – 22 – 24107434 (between 11am to 5pm)


Telephones: :-91 – 22 – 24107879/4107565 (between 11am to 5pm)


Telephones: :-91 – 22 – 24107879 (between 11am to 5pm)