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Mumbai 400 012. India.
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Department of Nuclear Medicine


The Nuclear Medicine Department is one of the oldest department in India that was started in 1950s by Dr Satoskar and Dr Bhandarkar.
The department examines over 5,000 patients each year. All forms of diagnostic and therapy procedures are performed using sophisticated instruments. The department has a very active teaching schedule for residents besides research and clinical work. The department has ongoing DNB post-graduate training programme under Nation Board of Examinations, New Delhi.


Equipments available in the department:

  1. Infinia (SPECT/CT) machine – one
  2. Symbia (dual head gamma camera) machine- one
  3. Discovery 710 PET/CT (with 128 slice CT) machine -one
  4. Thyroid probe – one


The department is also equipped with the two bedded isolation ward (ward no 44) for radionuclide therapy for cancer thyroid. The therapies for neuroendocrine tumours and cancer prostate are proposed in future.


The following is the list of various scans procedures performed:

  1. Tc-99m pertechnetate Thyroid scan
  2. I-131 thyroid uptake
  3. I-131 whole body scan (diagnostic and post-therapy)
  4. Tc-99m DTPA renal scan
  5. Tc-99m EC renal scan
  6. Tc-99m DMSA renal scan,
  7. Tc-99m ECD brain SPECT scan,
  8. Tc-99m Salivary scan,
  9. Tc-99m GER (milk) scan,
  10. Gastric emptying study (solid and liquid)
  11. Tc-99m MAA lung perfusion scan,
  12. Tc-99m MDP bone scan
  13. Radionuclide reflux study
  14. Tc-99m RBC (GI bleed)scan
  15. Tc-99m HIDA scan,
  16. Lymphoscintigraphy,
  17. Testicular scintigraphy,
  18. Dacryoscintigraphy,
  19. Stress thallium or Myocardial Perfusion scan,
  20. MUGA,
  21. Cardiac Viability study (PET scan),
  22. Brain PET scan,
  23. Whole body PET/CT scan,
  24. F-18 Bone scan,
  25. Ga-67 Citrate Scan,


Radionuclide therapies:

  1. Radioactive iodine ablation therapy for thyrotoxicosis,
  2. Radioactive Iodine ablation for cancer thyroid,
  3. MIBG therapy for neuroendocrine tumours,
  4. Radiation Synovectomy


Future Prospects:

The department proposes to start use of newer targeted radionuclides for neuroendocrine tumours and cancer prostate for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.



Sr NO Name Designation
1 Dr Shwetal Pawar Assistant Professor




Contact Details:

Phone: 022-24107872/74



Address: Department of Nuclear Medicine

Ground floor,

Orthopaedic Center,

Opp Tata Memorial Hospital,



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