Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College

Acharya Donde Marg, Parel,
Mumbai 400 012. India.
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Activities of  Diamond Jubilee Society Trust

The twin objectives of the founders of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, governed by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, were medical education and medical treatment. They still remain prominently before us, and serve to shape our future goals.


However, inflation has made it impossible for the MCGM to provide funds and equipment on the same scale as it did in the past. The institutions, which are catering to the health needs of weaker sections of the society find it extremely difficult to provide prompt and quality service to the ever increasing patient population flowing form al, the parts of India. Increasing sophistication in the diagnosis and treatment of disease necessitates the use of advanced instrumentation, which is obviously very expensive. The institution train undergraduates and post-graduates, and to acquire proficiency, they need to be trained in the use of the best available technology.


With these issues in mind, the Seth GS Medical College and KEMHospital, Diamond Jubilee Society Trust was established in 1989. To meet the deficit, the trust accepts donations from members of the public and supports the health facilities developed for the poor and the needy, the men-on-the-street. The main objectives of the Trust are:

To provide medical relief and undertake development programmes in health services and upgrading health care facilities to various sectors of the society.

To undertake scientific, social and statistical research in the field of health, medicine and applied science.

To promote medical education and to continually offer opportunities of upgrading knowledge, skills in the context of innovations, research and discovery in all fields of health.


Trust profile

1991  Trust registered under Bombay Public Charitable Trust, Act 1950:29

(Reg. No. E – 13339 – Bombay.)


1991  Trust  registered under Income tax registration 12A under section 80(G) of

the Income Tax Act-1961 (Reg.No. TR/28788)


2000  Trust registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 (Reg.

No. 083780695)


2004   Trust has recognition of Scientific and Industrial Organisations (SIROs)

by  Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Valid upto 2016)


Donations to the trust are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. The FCRA, Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs has given the Trust permission to receive and utilize foreign contribution.


Office Bearers


Dr. SR Parkar – Managing Trustee
Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital,
Dean’s Bungalow,
Parel, Mumbai – 400 012
Dr. NN Rege – Secretary
Professor & Head,
Dept. of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Dr. AN  Supe – Treasurer
Dept. of Gastroenterology Surgery
Dr. ND Karnik – Trustee
Professor & I/C MNICU
Department of Medicine
Dr. SK  Patwardhan – Trustee
Professor and Head
Dept. of Cardiovascular & Thorasic Surgery
Dr. Vishnu K. Kanhere – Trustee
Chartered Accountant
Director  – Kanhere Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Kishorkumar Mhatre – Trustee
B/2/35,36, Shantakiran co-operative Housing Society,
Dr.  G.D. Ambekar Road,
Parel, Mumbai – 400 012.
Dr. R D Bapat – Advisor
Vice Chancellor
MGM deemed University of health Sciences
And Visiting faculty,
Dept. of Gastroenterology Surgery
Dr. ML  Kothari – Advisor
Ex- Professor and Head,
Dept. of Anatomy

Guidelines for Deposition & Utilizing Amounts Deposited in DJST

  1. Staff members of the institute (Assistant Professors and above) can have their own subaccount. For other (including students) subaccount can be opened for a specific activity, however while operating it signature of Associate Professor/ Professor/HOD associated with that activity is required. Name of such authorizing person should be communicated to DJST at the time of submitting request letter for opening the sub account, along with consent letter of the said staff member.
  2. While depositing the amount received by the member of the institution for a specific project, a original letter from the donor/sponsor is a must, which should mentioned the purpose of donation & also xerox copy of donor/sponsor’s PAN card.
  3. The staff member should submit the utilization budget. In case it is not possible to       provide the utilization budget for the entire amount donated, budget for the amount,       which he/she wishes to utilize in near future, should be submitted.
  4. If the donation is for a research project, EC permission, Dean’ approval, budget of the study with utilization details, study duration with participants number, Clinical trial agreement and investigator’s undertaking to be submitted.(Undertaking form)
  5. The staff member should also mention if any other colleague is to be authorized to operate the grant/ donation. Name of the subaccount may also be suggested.
  6. It is essential that all these documents should be forwarded through Head of the Department.

The Board of Trustees meets on 1st Saturday of each month. In this meeting, the papers will be placed before the trustees and their approval will be sought. The decision of the trustees will be communicated to the staff member.
Please note the following:
1. Administrative charges on the deposited amount will be deducted as per the slab structure given below

Deposit amount (Rs) Administrative charges to be deducted (Rs)
Upto 1,00,000/- 10 %
>1 lac to 5 lacs    =  10,000/-
>5 lacs to 10 lacs    =  25,000/-
>10 lacs to 25 lacs    =  50,000/-
>25 lacs to 50 lacs  = 1,00,000/-
>50 lacs to 1 crore     = 1,35,000/-

The deduction will be made from the donation deposited in the trust based on the slab into which this individual deposit falls, irrespective of the anticipated total deposit for the purpose.


Guidelines for Depositing  Foreign Donation in DJST

Guidelines for Appointing Staff Through DJST

Personnel appointment for various projects: stipend, emoluments and other conditions of service

  • The appointment of the personnel for given project will be made by the Principal Investigator (PI) after advertisement of the post locally (posters & intranet) at least 7 days before. Rules of MCGM are to be followed regarding reservation. Interviews are to be conducted by a panel of 3 interviewers. Interview report should be sent to the DJST. The appointment letter will be as per the format provided. (Appointee on Stipendiary Assignments of DJST Form)
  • The existing stipend structure is displayed and will be revised from time to time.
  • The research staff may be fixed at a stipend at any level between minimum and maximum for the respective post depending upon the qualifications and experience. The concern Principal Investigator (PI) may decide the level in which the particular staff should be placed. After appointment range of increment should be decided by PI as per the caliber of the person but it should conform to the norms mentioned above.  If the PI wishes to exceed the norms, permission of the trustees or managing committee must be obtained.
  •  Remuneration given to the municipal employee for contract work should not exceed 10% of the basic salary of MCGM for the given post.
  • An undertaking will be taken from the staff at the time of appointment which will cover following:
    a)      The staff employed for the project would have no claim to a permanent employment with respective society and MCGM and not to be treated as employees of the MCGM.
    b) The responsibility of re-employment of such staff at the completion and termination of the project will not be that of respective society and MCGM.
    c) They would be subject to the administrative control and other service rules as applicable to them of respective society which has undertaken the projects is best.
  • The appointed person will have to work as per the directives of PI
  • The PI will give a break the researches staff after 6 months and will reappointed if necessary
  • Identity card will be given to the personnel working on DJST account free of charge.
    For this, one should provide following details in a request letter addressed to the Secretary, DJST. (Identity card form)
  • Name of the trial on which person is employed.
  • Name/Address of the employee.
  • This letter should be forwarded by the investigator. A copy of stamp size photograph is a must. Please note that each employee is expected to visibly display the I-card while working in the institutional premises. Those who come in contact with patients and those who are working in the laboratory should wear the aprons.
    The card is valid for 6 month and has to be renewed. The old card needs to be submitted to the DJST office at the time of renewal. HOWEVER, RS.50/- WILL BE CHARGEED FOR RENEWAL IF THE CARD IS LOST.
  • The trust will issue stipend certificate after request forwarded by PI.
  • The PI should review after three years whether the research staff should continue for another year. Similarly, at the end of the fourth year he/she should review whether further extension should be given.  For the latter a committee consisting of PI, Head of the Department (where PI is Head, the next senior of the department/Dean will be a member) and an external member who is an expert in the relevant field- not less than an Associate Professor/Professor.
  • In lieu of absence of long term benefits ex-gracias payment can be made once a year to the office staff. The maximum to be given is Rs. 5000/- if stipend exceeds Rs. 5000/-. For those having stipend less than Rs. 5,000/-, it should be equal to stipend. The staff on various research posts cannot avail this privilege.
  • The staff on research projects is eligible for 15 CLs in a year. If additional leave is required, it is left to the discretion of PI.  Participation by any of the categories on research projects in any scientific event in India and abroad will be treated as on duty. Maternity leave as per Govt. of India instructions would be available to all categories. The office staff is entitled to 15 ELs in addition to 15 CLs. However, they cannot be carried forward to the next year. If not utilized in a year, they can be encashed.
  • Students/Staff selected on research projects may be encouraged registering for higher degrees.
  • Appendix-I

    The format of letter of appointment

    Stipend structure for staff appointed through DJST

    Guidelines of  Purchase of Consumables and Equipments

    Procedure for Imported Equipments

    Guidelines for  Financial Support (Travel & Accommodation & Reg.Fees)

    Procedure to be followed by Faculty Organizing Workshops, Conferences etc Through Funds Deposited in DJST

    Procedure to be followed by Students Organizing  Scientific , Cultural Event

     Advance for Contingency

    Travel Allowances for Patient

    Investigator should submit a request letter to DJST for getting an advance for travel compensation to be given to patients participating in the clinical trail  This letter should mention-

    • number of patients to be included in the study
    • visits per patient
    • amount of travel compensation per visit and
    • EC permission for the quoted travel compensation.

    This letter should also mention advance needed by the investigator in cash at a time. Investigator should attach trial specific voucher, which is prepared based on the format of DJST. This request letter can be given while submitting the budget utilization so that Trustees approval for deposition of grant, use of funds and advance to be given for travel compensation can be obtained in the same meeting.

    1. After getting approval of the trust, a cash up to Rs.2,500/- can be given to the investigator towards travel compensation.
    2. It is investigator’s responsibility to keep Traveling Expenses Voucher duly signed by patients at each visit after receiving the travel compensation.
    3. All the vouchers need to be submitted to DJST office along with informed consent form bearing name of the patient and his/her signature.
    4. Further advance will be released only after checking whether the vouchers are in order.


    Traveling Expenses Voucher(click to download)

    Volunteer/patient compensation:

    1. Any compensation to volunteer/patient will be given only if prior sanction is taken.
    2. Only crossed cheques will be issued. You are requested to inform the volunteers at the time of enrollment in the study.


     Awards and Prizes


    Financial support towards Research Grant for PG students & Junior Teachers (1)

    In the month of October-November, DJST invites project proposals from PG students. These projects should be the dissertation/thesis of the student. The project proposal forms will be available in the DJST office. The proposals should be forwarded by the guide. These proposals are reviewed by the experts and decision will be communicated to the students in the month of April.

    Financial support for Patient care

    In the month of October-November, DJST will communicate to you regarding the extent of financial support it can give for patient care. The Head of the Departments are requested to submit their requisites along with approximate budget. A review committee will scrutinize the applications and decide which departments to be given the financial aid and to what extent. A general rule is that the departments given support in the previous year are not considered eligible. This is mainly to extend aid to all the departments at least once in 2 years.

    The HOD will be communicated the decision of the review committee in the month of February. Following this, the usual procedure for purchase of consumables/ equipment should be followed.


    Information about Accounts

    Statement of accounts will be sent to all the investigators twice a year, in the month of
    a. April and  b. October.
    You are requested to verify these statements. Please feel free to communicate to us in case of any queries. Apart from these 2 statements, if you need any additional statement, Rs 100/- will be charged per statement.

Notices and News